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As the five teens walked through the forest, Yoshimi just stared at the beauty of the forest and was dumbfounded and the life that was present here. She smiled when suddenly, she heard faint sounds of cats mewing behind them as she turned. Tohru was curious as she turned as well, making Yuki, Kyou and Kagura turn around to find five kittens following closely behind-

"Kyou...?" Kagura spoke first before Yoshimi could speak a word, "They're following you!"
Kyou growled, "They're very cute!!" Yoshimi smiled brightly as she tried to pick one up and cuddled it, "This is soooo cute! How come they're following you, Kyou...?" the kitten gave a cute mew as Yoshimi cuddled it again.
Kyou looked over to Yoshimi and shrugged, "Well, I don't think we could bring the kittens inside... there are those..." Tohru paused as she thought for an excuse to avoid the kittens being brought inside the house, "Some of the family members there are allergic to them!" she nervously laughed.
Yoshimi raised an eyebrow and looked back to the small kitten before giving another bright smile, "Ne... see you later okay?" she paused before placing the kitten down to the floor.
Kagura smiled, "You love cats, huh?"
Yoshimi nodded, "I love em' especially kittens!"
"Well, Kyou here- MmMMm" Kagura was cut off by Kyou's hand covering her mouth, "We don't need to hear that alright!" he shouted.

Kagura hissed as she bit onto Kyou which happened to be the one that was bandaged. Kyou's eyes widened as he winced, holding back the pain that was surging though his hand to his body. He held his bloodied hand as he stormed off to Shigure's house. Yoshimi stared at Kyou before staring back at Kagura, but her anger mustn't be on neither Kagura or Kyou so she let her anger boil in her heart and on nobody else. Yoshimi smiled to Kagura,

"He punched a wall previously so it's not properly healed. You have to watch out for that hand. Ne, Kagura-san?"
Kagura stared at Kyou's figure before turning back to Yoshimi and gave a saddened smile, "Ah..."

Yuki and Tohru just stared at Yoshimi and Kagura before leading the two girls to Shigure's house. When they finally reached there, Tohru greeted happily as a small boy peeked out from the door frame and smiled to Tohru, Yuki and Kagura but stared at Yoshimi,

"Tohru..." the small boy pointed, "Dare yo?"
Tohru laughed as she walked to Yoshimi, "This is Uehara Yoshimi. She's a friend of mine!"
Yoshimi smiled to the boy before bowing, "Konnichiwa!"
The small boys smiled widely, "Watashi wa... Souma Momiji!"
Yoshimi looked up and stared at Tohru, "They're cousins!" Tohru nervously spoke.

Yoshimi nodded as the four walked inside the house, Tohru standing beside Yoshimi while Yuki stood behind the two girls. Kagura was upstairs looking for Kyou. Tohru then led Yoshimi into the living room and found Shigure and Hatori sitting in front of the Japanese table. Tohru smiled,

"Shigure! Hatori!"
Shigure turned and smiled, "So... you're the Uehara Yoshimi girl, huh?" his eyes brightened, "Very lovely girl!" hearts in his eyes as he slowly moved to Yoshimi when Kyou suddenly barged into the living room, blocking Shigure from Yoshimi with Kagura holding him from the back.
Yoshimi turned to Kyou and Kagura and sadly smiled as Yuki sighed while Tohru chuckled, "That's Souma Shigure..." she pointed to a fallen Shigure with a cigarette sticking out from his mouth, "And that's Souma Hatori... they're all cousins!" Tohru nervously spoke.
Yoshimi nodded slowly as she bowed to Hatori and Shigure, "Nice to meet you all!"
Yuki smiled to Yoshimi, "We're a big family if you're wondering..."
Yoshimi turned her head to Yuki, "I can tell!" she smiled brightly.

When Yoshimi turned to Tohru, she was gone as she walked around the house and found Tohru in the kitchen as she smiled and walked inside. Giving a small knock, Tohru turned around and her eyes brightened as the two girls talked while cooking lunch for the household. Meanwhile, in the living room, chaos has broken out as Kyou and Kagura are getting themselves away from/ stuck to each other. Yuki was sitting outside the living room and leaning against a pillar as he watched the birds fly by. Hatori and Shigure were smoking as they read some papers.

"LET GO OF ME, KAGURA! YOU'RE HURTING MY HAND!!" Kyou shotued at Kagura.
Kagura hissed angrily, "I just... want... to help you... with your hand... and you blow me off?!" she clenched her fists and punched Kyou square on the face.
Kyou's face was bloodied as he wiped the blood of before standing up to face Kagura, "N-N-" he felt dizzy then as he fell on the ground.
Kagura gasped and holds Kyou when suddenly, he turns to a cat as Yoshimi and Tohru walked in with tea. Shigure blocks the two girls from entering as he nervously gave excuses to them. Shigure has his hand behind him as he signalled Kagura to bring the unconscious orange cat up to his room before Yoshimi sees it. When he saw Kagura's shadow up the stairs, he sighed in relief and moved away as Yoshimi raised an eyebrow at him.

She and Tohru then placed the cups down and poured some tea. Hatori sighed as he sipped on his tea, picked up his bag and walked up the stairs to Kyou's room. Yoshimi and Tohru stared at Hatori before looking over to Shigure. Yuki sighed as he drank his tea,

"What happened? Where's Kyou? Kagura?" Tohru looked around and noticed Momiji wasn't around too, "Momiji?"
Shigure nervously laughed as he made up an excuse, "Err... Kagura accidentally stepped on Kyou's hand and they're up in Kyou's room with Hatori attending to it! Momiji might be upstairs too!"
Yoshimi's eyes widened, "She what?" Yoshimi stood up and turned to Shigure, "May I?"
Shigure nodded vigorously, "Ah! Ah!"

Yoshimi rushed upstairs as Yuki placed his tea cup down and stared at Shigure, "Could you say anything worst?"
Shigure looked over to Yuki, "What do you want me to say? Tell her that Kyou was punched on the face by Kagura and when Kagura hugged him he turned to a cat because he was weak?" Shgure patted Yuki's head, "Silly Yuki..."
Tohru gasped, "So, that's what really happened?"

Shigure and Yuki nodded as Tohru stood up and rushed to the stairs. Yoshimi was standing outside Kyou's room, hardly getting any view of his body with Hatori, Momiji and Kagura sitting around Kyou on the floor. She only saw Hatori mending his hand and placing some bandages to his face. Yoshimi gasped silently, what happened to his face?! Tohru came to Yoshimi and looked inside the room and gasped. Yoshimi walked inside and peeked over Momiji's shoulder and saw Kyou wrapped in bandages on his face (luckily). Kagura was on his left, sobbing and saying sorry quietly to him. Momiji shook his head as Tohru sat beside him and whispered some things to him.

When Hatori was finished, he told everyone to leave him alone for him to calm down and heal. Yoshimi stood up and walked behind the group before stopping quietly inside, leaving only Kagura, Momiji, Tohru and Hatori going down the stairs. Yoshimi turned her head around and stared at Kyou as she walked to him and sat down quietly. She was staring at his bandaged hand on his right, before looking over to look at his face. The bandage didn't cover his eyes luckily, only his left eye with some blue-black bruises on his cheeks and a splinter on his mouth.

Yoshimi winced as she gently picked his hand up, holding his hand close to her face, "What really happened to you...?" she sobbed silently, feeling some movement on his hand and a moan of pain was heard. Yoshimi's aqua eyes brightened as tears ceased and silently fell to his pants. She turned her head and smiled, Kyou opened his right eye and felt his hand being held as he scolded in a coarse voice,

"Let go of my hand, Kagura... you have done worst and what's more... that's the hand which is bandaged and in pain!" he hasn't got the strength to wrench his hand away as he spoke up to the ceiling, having no strength either to look to the person holding his hand.
"Oy... Kyou... It's me..." Yoshimi spoke silently.
Kyou's eyes widened as he slid his hand down and sat up slowly. He stared at Yoshimi, "I thought..." he paused when he noticed he wasn't wearing his shirt as he blushed and lied back down.
Yoshimi giggled lightly before shifting to face Kyou's head, "What happened? Shigure-san said that Kagura-san stepped on your hand... how come your face was affected?"
Kyou sighed, "I... I was angry so I shouted at her and she punched my face..."
Yoshimi's aqua eyes turned to anger as she felt her anger boil, before calming herself down for her own sake, "She did... that, huh?" she paused, "Well, then you shouldn't shout at her anymore before you get yourself hurt even worst!"
Kyou stared at her, "I tried but she get's on my nerves and I can't control my anger!" he hissed as Yoshimi laughed.
"Well, I guess you two loved each other so much that you two always fight to show your love for each other!" Yoshimi laughed though feeling sadness in her heart as Kyou stared hard at her, "I mean, opposites attract, right? You two are opposites! So you two will get through this very easily! You are family aren't you?" Yoshimi smiled, though it doesn't reach to her bright eyes.

Kyou felt his heart sink as Yoshimi smiled again before standing up, her back facing him, "After lunch... I'll be leaving, my parents will be worried if I'm gone too long..." she paused; her fringes hding her saddened eyes, "I'll tell Kagura to send your lunch up... Get well soon, okay?" Yoshimi turned around and gave him a weak smile and a supposed-to-be cheery voice.
Before Yoshimi could leave, Kyou stopped her, "A-Ano..." Yoshimi stopped, "Could you... stay a little longer...? I could show you around and where the other kittens might be!"
Yoshimi turned around and smiled, "Okay..."
Kyou's eyes brightened, "Thanks... thanks for making me feel better..."

Yoshimi kept her smile but this time, it reached her eyes as she left his room, leaving Kyou feeling lighter as he slept silently. Wishing Akito could understand what he's feeling. When Yoshimi walked down the stairs, she heard Yuki's voice, though it sounded deadly and threatening as she slowly descended the stairs to find Yuki talking to a tall man with long and wavy white hair and gleaming yellow eyes. Yoshimi stared at the man, noticing him looked more like Yuki except his bigger and taller.

Yuki was giving threats for him to leave when the man in front of Yuki caught sight of Yoshimi as his eyes brightened, rushing to her and grab hold of her hand, "You're very pretty!" the man spoke to her and before he could plant a kiss to her hand, Yuki gave the man a good whacking on his head, making him fall face first to the ground.

Yoshimi sweatdropped as she stared at the fallen man before looking up to Yuki, "Dare yo?"
Yuki sighed, "Unfortunately, Uehara-san... this is my older brother, Souma Ayame..."
Ayame suddenly got up and smiled to Yoshimi before giving her a bow, "Nice to meet you!"
Yoshimi was startled but bowed eventually, "The pleasure's all mine, Ayame-"
"Aww... you don't have to bow at me! You're too nice and sweet to bow and me with respect!" he held Yoshimi's chin and his face was close for her comfort when he was suddenly bashed again on his head by Yuki.
Yoshimi pulled her hand back, "You should stay away from him, Uehara-san... for your sake!" he winked as she nodded and walked to the kitchen; wanting to help Tohru with lunch.

When she entered the kitchen, Tohru was tasting the soup she made as Yoshimi looked over her shoulder, "Can I help?"
Tohru was shocked off her feet as she screamed, making Yuki rushed to her, "Doshimashita, Honda-san?!"
Tohru calmed when she saw Yoshimi was only here to help before turning to Yuki and smiled, "I'm fine..."
Yoshimi chuckled, "Gomen nasai... I just asked if I could help-"
"IIE! I can handle it! Besides, you're our guest! Just sit down at the living room! I'll be fine!" Tohru cut in.

Yoshimi stared at her then sighed as she nodded and walked inside the living room to find Ayame holding to Yuki's hand passionatel and saying 'We should heal the broken bonds of our brotherhood, Yuki!', Kagura sobbing to herself outside the living room with Momiji sitting beside her and Shigure watching the group attentively with his chin on his hand. Yoshimi sweatdropped as she politely walked inside the living room.

-[To be continued...]-


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Yoshimi sat back on the bench as she watched Kyou wipe his bruises. Everytime he wiped, he would wince in pain and Yoshimi would wince along with him, she knows how much pain that can be. Yoshimi turned her head back as she looked down to her feet, her honey-coloured fringes covering her saddened eyes.

"What... what was it that you want to talk about, Souma-san...?"
Kyou winced again as he turned his head to Yoshimi; noticing her looking down at her feet, "W-Well..." he paused as he looked away, "It's about yesterday night- I didn't mean to shout at you... I just got-"
"Something troubling you in your mind..." she paused as she looked up to be facing the back of Kyou's head, "I know..."
Kyou's eyes jolted open as he turned his head to face Yoshimi's aqua eyes, "Y-Y-You knew...?"
Yoshimi grinned, "Of course I knew... Honda-san told me about it!" she paused as she blushed and looked down at her shoes, "She said you were not yourself when you went back to your house... you were quiet and you were angry at yourself because of yesterday..."
Kyou felt a blush creeping up his neck, "She said that...?"

Yoshimi nodded as she looked up and turned her head to Kyou, giving him a tender smile, "It's my fault too for bothering you when you're thinking hard on something..." she paused, "I should've known better..."
Kyou shook his head, "N-N-No! It's not your fault at all! I shouldn't have shouted at you! I shouldn't have been angry at you when you're trying to help!" he paused, "I'm really sorry..."
Yoshimi smiled brightly, "I'm very sorry myself..."

Kyou smiled at Yoshimi as she smiled back before looking down to Kyou's hand that seemed to have deep cuts on his hand. She sighed as she shook her head and picked up the bandages on the floor. Kyou watched her silently as she opened the bandages and was about to wrap them on Kyou's hand when he stopped her again,

"Ah! No... uhm... let me wrap that myself..." he paused as Yoshimi looked at him; confused, "Arigatou..."

Before Yoshimi could speak a word, she heard the faint sounds of the telephone ringing from inside the house. She stood up and turned to Kyou, giving him a smile, he nodded as she rushed back inside the house. Kyou looked down on the bandages, the bowl of red water and the bloodied cloth that he used to wipe his wounds. He really felt bad not telling her about his Zodiac fate, one thing was because if he told her, she might be afraid of him and might not speak to him again. And the other thing was Akito, the Head of the Soumas. He might threaten Yoshimi like he did to Tohru when she asked to see him previously. He didn't want anything to happen to both Tohru and Yoshimi because of him. He sighed as he wrapped the bandage slowly around his hand, trying his hardest to do it by himself.

Inside, Yoshimi picked up the phone as she greeted happily, "Hai...? Yoshimi-desu!"
"Ah! Uehara-san! Has Kyou apologised yet? Are you two not talking to each other again? Are you two not going to see each other again?!?! Are you two going-" Tohru's voice rang in Yoshimi's ears.
"Ah! Ah! Honda-san, yamete! Nothing bad has happened! We are not fighting... we just apologised to each other and he's mending his wounded hand..." she paused, "Wonder what happened..."
"Ah! Hai? Err... Kyou punched a wall because of something... that's all!" Tohru nervously spoke on the other line.
Yoshimi's eyes widened, "He what?!?!" she paused, "Honda-san... I'll talk to you later!"

And with that she hung up the phone vigorously as she rushed out of the house, tuck her feet in her shoes and walked over to the bench where Kyou was having a bad moment wrapping the bandage by himself. Yoshimi sighed as she walked up to him and suddenly placed her gentle hand on his badly-bandaged hand. Kyou was shocked off his feet as he nervously spoke,

"AH! You shouldn't have scared me like that!"
Yoshimi giggled as she unwrapped the cloth, "Let me help you and don't say you can handle it because you can never get your hand bandaged even by tomorrow!" she teased.
Kyou's eyes widened as he wrenched his hand away from her gentle grasp, "I'm serious... I can handle this by myself..."
Yoshimi frowned, "What's the matter? What's so wrong if i hold your hand so that I can wrap that around it?"
Kyou looked down, "I don't want to talk about it..."
Yoshimi sighed as she tilted her head and bent down to see Kyou's eyes under his orange fringes, "Well... then if you don't want me to do it, I'll just make it proper for you, okay...?"
Kyou raised his head up a little to meet her concerned eyes, "Ah..."

Yoshimi smiled as she sat down on the grass in front of him, holding his hand gently as she unwrap a few layers before wrapping them back properly. Her gentle hands holding his palm as she wrapped the next few layers around his hand. Kyou watched her silently, his thoughts rushed in his mind as he watched her. She then smiled when she tied a knot at the last layer of bandage, her job is done and her mind is at ease... finally.

She looked up to Kyou and smiled as he sighed and smiled weakly back at her. Yoshimi sat back down on the bench and watched the trees sway in the breeze as the wind whistled against the two seated teens. Kyou looked at his bandaged hand and gave a small smile before leaning back on the bench and watched the birds fly high in the sky. Suddenly, both of them heard faint voices from the front of the house and then hurried footsteps proceeding to the garden. Yoshimi stood up as Kyou did the same, standing a few feet behind her.

"Uehara-san! Kyou!" came Tohru's voice as she ran towards them while Yuki ran behind her.
Yoshimi's eyes widened, "Honda-san? Yuki-san? Nani shiteru no, anatatachi wa?"
Tohru landed on Yoshimi, "Daijoubu desuka, Uehara-san?" she panted.
Yoshimi raised an eyebrow as she pushed Tohru gently, "Ah... demo, why are you here?" she looked over to Yuki and found Yuki and Kyou staring at each other.
"You hung up on me and I thought you were going to scold Kyou for not telling you that he punched the wall because of y-" Tohru gasped as she covered her mouth with her hands when she noticed Kyou staring at her with anger, "AH! He didn't tell you... huh?"
Yoshimi sighed, "No... but because of what?" she raised an eyebrow at Tohru.
Kyou walked a few steps up; facing Yoshimi and Tohru, "It's just about yesterday, okay? I was angry and I punched the wall!" he spoke between gritted teeth.
Yuki sighed as he crossed his arms in front of his chest, "More like because you were dumb and silly about yesterday that you punched the poor wall..."
Kyou's eyes widened as he turned around and held his fists up to his face, "YOU WANNA FIGHT WITH ME?!?!" as he circled him.
"Gladly." Yuki spoke calmly as he held his hands up to his face, staring at Kyou.

Yoshimi and Tohru sweatdropped as they watched the two boys fight. Tohru sighed as she looked over to Yoshimi, noticing that she was looking down; her fringes hiding her eyes. Tohru's shoulders sagged as she placed a cool hand on Yoshimi's shoulder,

Yoshimi looked up with shock but calmed, "Ah..." she paused, "Just thinking..."
"Why he punched the wall just because of yesterday...?" Tohru spoke.
Yoshimi nodded, "Well... he cares for you like he cares the rest of us... just that he don't show it!" Tohru smiled, "He felt really bad about yesterday and he said that it was all his fault for shouting at you and such..."
Yoshimi looked over to meet green coloured eyes, "Souka...? Just that-"
"Sumimasen! Kyou-kun... are you here?" came a sweet voice as Yoshimi, Tohru and the two boys turned their heads to find-
"KAGURA?!?" Kyou shouted as he took a few steps back when Kagura smiled and rushed to him happily.
"Kyou!!!" she ran to him and gave him a tight hug, almost suffocating him, "I heard from Shigure that you're out to..." she paused as she took out a piece of paper, "Uehara Yoshimi's house! I thought maybe I could drop by here and say hi!"

Yoshimi blinked, not knowing who the brown haired girl is and the tiny feeling of anger brewing in her heart. Tohru giggled as she turned her head to Yoshimi, "That's Souma Kagura. She's their cousin and she really loves Kyou a lot!"
Yoshimi's eyes widened, "Souma... Kagura... ka? She loves Kyou?" she paused, "Oh..."

Yoshimi sighed as she walked to Kyou and Kagura with a bright smile to her face. Yuki grinned as he walked and stood beside Tohru, cracking his knuckles after the fist fight between Kyou. Yoshimi shook her head as she tapped Kagura's shoulder, catching her attention as Kagura released her death-grip,

Yoshimi held her hand out, "Anata wa... Souma Kagura desuka?" she smiled, "Atashi wa Uehara Yoshimi!"
Kagura blinked at her hand and smiled widely before gripping her hand and shook it, "Un! You're very nice!" she paused, "So you live here, huh? Nice house you have! Oh! Sorry for coming without a call or something!" she bowed in apology.
Yoshimi shook her head as she held Kagura's chin up, "Iie, iie... I don't mind at all!"
Kagura blushed, "But really... I am very sorry! I just want to get Kyou back to Shigure's place because I want him to teach me a few stuff in my homework!" she wailed as she look at Kyou with saddened eyes, "And he refused!!" she wailed louder.

Yoshimi winced at the tone as she closed her ears from the wail. Tohru and Yuki did the same as Kagura wailed even more. Kyou growled, "ALRIGHT!" he paused as Kagura ceased her wailing, "Alright! I'll help!"
Kagura's eyes brightened as she squealed and hugged Kyou, "Arigatou Kyou-kun! You are soooo sweet!" she paused as she stood up and pulled Kyou by his hand (unfortunately), making him shout in pain.
"ARGHH!!! Oy! Kagura, can you please hold my other hand... BECAUSE MY HAND YOU ARE HOLDING IS IN PAIN! YOU GOT THAT!?!" Kyou scolded her as he noticed Kagura seemed to be-
"Uh-oh..." Tohru spoke as she closed her eyes.
"Kyou...!" Kagura hissed as she held a huge rock in her hands. Her eyes deadly as ever.
Yoshimi's eyes widened as she dashed and stood in between Kyou and Kagura, "AH! K-Kagura-san! Yamete yo!" she paused, her hands held up, "I'm sure he didn't mean to shout at you so don't... throw a rock at him, okay?"
Kagura stared at her but then calmed as she placed the rock back down that came out of nowhere, "Ah... demo! Kyou-kun is coming!" she pulled him by his feet as they disappeared to the front gate.

Yoshimi sighed as she watched Kyou, noticing that Kyou was looking back at her. Yoshimi was startled but smiled as the two disappeared in the corner. Tohru and Yuki walked to her as Tohru tilted her head out,

"Ano... Uehara-san..."
Yoshimi turned her head and smiled, "Hai?"
"We'd like to invite you to our house! If you don't have anything else planned on your schedule..." Yuki spoke gently with a bright smile.
Yoshimi's eyes brightened, "Honto?!"
Tohru nodded, "Un! I could cook up something nice for lunch if you want!"
Yoshimi turned to Tohru and nodded, "Hai! I'll come!"

Tohru clasped her hands together as she smiled and pulled Yoshimi out to the front gate, noticing Kagura and Kyou waiting outside the gate. Yuki smiled as he shook his head before following the two girls out to the gate. Then, the five of them walked towards the Souma household together as Kagura held Kyou's hand. Yoshimi just glanced at the two before looking down to the asphalt then back to the road in front of her.

-[To be Continued...]-


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Saturday, December 27, 2003


Moonlight soon wafted swiftly above the four as they sat quietly on their seats, facing each other with utter silence and panic. Soft violin music was heard from afar as a brown haired girl with lovely green eyes, held her hands together, trying to keep her composure and being relaxed. Her hair softly and gently caressed her fair skin as the wind whistled against them. Beside her sat a honey-coloured haired girl with enticing aqua-coloured eyes. Her hair was tied to a bun as her fringes caressed her forehead and her cheek softly. In front of the two girls sat an orange-coloured haired boy and a dark blue-coloured haired boy. Both of them wearing smart tuxedos as they waited for their meal to arrive.

All four of them were as anxious as ever as they waited for the waiter to arrive which seemed like eternity to them for the waiter to come to their table. Then, a shadow proceeded their table as the honey-coloured haired girl watched curiously. The shadow soon revealed himself as the musician playing the violin, giving the orange-coloured haired boy a shock. The two girls giggled softly as the boy blushed before giving the musician a frustrated shout. The boy beside him sighed,

"Behave yourself!" he spoke calmly as the orange-coloured haired boy turned to him angrily,
"YOU WANT ME TO BEHAVE MYSELF?! HE SHOCKED ME TO DEATH AND YOU WANT ME TO BEHAVE?!!" he shouted as he huffed and took his seat.

The girl in front of him giggled lightly as he looked up and stared at her, sighing as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. The brown haired girl smiled weakly when finally, the waiter arrived with their meals. The four of them smiled when the waiter politely placed their respective plates in front of them. Then, drinks were served to them as they were placed in front of the four teens. The brown haired girl's eyes brightened,


The girl beside her smiled at her before tucking in to her meal while the two boys did the same. Finally finishing their last bite, they took their last sip of their juices before leaning back on their seats, feeling their stomachs full of their delicious meal. Soon, their time to leave the restaurant has arrived as they stood up and took their leave. The girls walked in between the two boys as they walked towards the honey-coloured haired girl's house (happened to be near the restaurant).

As they walked, the orange head boy suddenly walked slowly then the other three as they stared at him. The dark-blue haired boy ignored as the brown haired girl watched him worriedly. The honey-coloured haired girl just stared at him before stopping, allowing the other two to walk further while the orange head met up to her steps. The girl noticed his orange-coloured fringes seemed to be hiding his orange-red coloured eyes. She knew he must be having a problem as she spoke gently,

The boy suddenly looked up and turned his head to the girl beside him; having a blush creeping up his neck, "Err... N-N" he paused before turning his head away, tucking in his hands in his pockets.
The girl sighed as her eyes turned to worry, "Doushimashi-"
"Look! I have no problems whatsoever and what's more... don't butt into it, okay?!" he shouted at her.
The girl took a step back at his tone of voice, her shoulders drooping before turning her head, "I was just asking..." she paused before turning her body as the other two watched from afar, "You don't have to shout to avoid me from bothering you... and if you do have any problems, don't run away from the ones who want to help... or you might not have them when you asked for one..."

Then, silence engulfed the two before the girl walked faster, passing by the other two. And then, her body disappeared in the thick darkness to her house nearby. The brown haired girl stared at her figure as it disappeared while the other boy stomped to the orange head and whacked him on the head,

"What was that for?!"
The orange head stared at him with anger; trying to say something but nothing came out of his mouth.
"What?! No 'stupid damned rat'?! No 'shut up'?!! No 'nothing'?!?!" he paused, "What's with you-"
"Yamete..." a soft voice cut in, "Let's just get home, okay? I'll talk to her tomorrow morning..." she looked down to her feet before walking slowly to their house.

The dark-blue coloured haired boy huffed as he looked at the orange head before turning around and walked along with the brown haired girl. The orange head sighed as he walked toward them; making sure he is a few metres behind them. His orange fringes covering his hurtful eyes as a single tear fell.

His name is Souma Kyou, a 16 year old teenager whom has a bad temper and loves martial arts. The dark-blue haired one is Souma Yuki, a 16 year old whom has his own fan-club in his school and loves gardening while the brown haired girl is Honda Tohru, a 16 year old girl whose parents had passed away and is staying in the Souma's to house-clean and cook for them. For the honey-coloured haired girl, named Uehara Yoshimi, she is 16 years old as well and was transferred here at the beginning of this year from Minamata and has been Tohru's friend eversince, with her other two friends Hanajima Saki and Uotani Arisa.

The next morning, birds chirped happily as they greeted the Saturday morning. Tohru woke up happily as she cooked up some breakfast. Yuki woke up soon after as he got downstairs and smiled to Tohru as she smiled back. Yuki noticed something with her smile this time, her smile didn't reach her eyes like the usual. He frowned as he walked to the living room, sitting down in front of the Japanese table.

'It must've been yesterday night... grr... that stupid cat is going to get some scolding for making Uehara-san sad and Honda-san too!' he thought as he clenched his fists.

Then, Kyou came down the stairs as he looked over to the kitchen, noticing Tohru was still cooking. He sighed before walking inside the living room and found Yuki sitting there; hands clenched to fists. He blinked as he sighed and dragged his feet to the table before sitting down; hanging his head low. Yuki turned his head and frowned to Kyou and before he could say a word, Tohru came inside with a tray of food. Yuki looked up and switched to a smile as he helped to place the dishes down on the table. After that, Tohru took off her apron, placed it beside her and took a seat.

Silence engulfed the three as Tohru looked up to Yuki then to Kyou, "Come on... Let's eat, okay...?"

Yuki and Kyou looked over to Tohru's faint voice as they watched her eat her meal quietly. Yuki looked down before picking up his chopsticks and ate his meal as Kyou did the same. All three of them were quiet during their breakfast even when Shigure came in with a long yawn after his long slumber.

"Ohayou!" he stretched.
"Ohayou... ohayou... ah..." were the only replies he got from the three.
Shigure raised an eyebrow at the three as he took his seat on the empty space in front of the table, "What's wrong?"
"Oy... What's wrong-"
"Nothing! Nothing... okay?" Kyou replied angrily but it wasn't a shout then; seemed more like an irritated reply.
Shigure furrowed his eyebrows before looking over to Yuki and Tohru. Both kept quiet before Tohru stood up, walked to the kitchen and came back with a bowl for Shigure as she placed it in front of Shigure. Taking a seat, she continued eating. Shigure was confused, he doesn't seem to understand what's going on with them as he sighed and continued to eat.

Then, Kyou picked his bowl up, stood up and said, "I'm going out... I'll be back as soon as possible..." and with that, he walked to the kitchen, place the bowl in the sink and walked up to his room. Tohru stared at his disappearing figure before standing up and brought the bowl along to the kitchen. Then, she proceeded up the stairs to Kyou's room. Shigure was pretty frustrated with their unusual silence between the three as he stared at Yuki whom was busy watching Tohru. Shigure sighed before clearing his throat to catch Yuki's attention,

"What's going on and don't you dare say that nothing has happened!"

Yuki sighed as he placed his bowl down and explained about what happened yesterday in a quiet voice. Meanwhile, Kyou was just standing outside at his balcony, watching the trees swaying along with the breeze. His thoughts had been occupied with what happened yesterday as Yoshimi's stern words repeated itself in his mind. Tohru stood a few metres behind him with her hands clasped together. Kyou turned around and looked down to his feet as silence took over. Tohru winced as she spoke softly,

"It's not your fault-"
"Well, then why is she angry if it's not my fault?! And what's more... you don't seem to be yourself because of me..." he cut in, as he took some steps toward Tohru.
Tohru shook her head vigorously, "IIE! You... you... you just got something troubling you and maybe you just accidentally snapped at her! I know you don't mean to shout at her like that! I know she understands-"
"How can she?! I'm a bad-tempered person and... and..." he growled as he punched the wall angrily.

Tohru gasped; her hands covering her mouth with shock as she stared at small debris falling from the wall and on Kyou's fist. Blood oozed out from Kyou's fingers as he pulled his hand back. Tohru rushed toward him but he raised his hand to her face,

"Leave it... I'll fix it myself..." he spoke as he turned his head to Tohru and gave her a small smile before turning around and walked out his room and down the stairs. He tucked his feet in his shoes and walked off to Yoshimi's house. Tohru couldn't help but fall to her knees and cry, she couldn't stop herself for feeling their pain in her heart. She loved all of them so much, she now sees them as her own family. Yuki heard some sobs as he came up the stairs. Passing by Kyou's room, he gasped when he saw Tohru in tears,

"D-D-Daijoubu desuka, Honda-san?" he asked.
Tohru looked up and smiled weakly to find Yuki in front of her, "I guess... Kyou went out to Uehara-san's house..."
Yuki's eyes widened, "He did?"
Tohru nodded as she wiped her tears, "Un..."

Yuki took out his handkerchief from his pocket as he gave it to Tohru. She accepted it thankfully as she wiped her tears with it.

Yuki smiled, "It's okay. Don't be sad, alright?" Tohru nodded.

Meanwhile, Kyou finally reached Yoshimi's house; thankfully remembering where she lives since he almost got lost. He scanned the huge house and sighed as he looked back to the gate he stood in front of. He turned to his left and saw a black box and a button as he pressed the button to hear a faint sound of a bell from inside the house. Then, he saw a moving figure from inside going down the stairs as it rushed to the front door. Opening the door, Kyou's heart raced. There, Yoshimi stood with a shocked expression on her face. Kyou scanned her appearance silently; she wore a baby blue dress that ended up above her knees and her hair was let down pass her waist.

Kyou cleared her throat as he turned his head, "M-May I come in, Uehara-san...?"

Yoshimi looked down before going inside and pressed a button as the gate slowly opened. Kyou then gulped as he walked through the gate, notcing Yoshimi was standing by the door looking down at her feet. Kyou then scanned her house; still standing outside as he searched for Yoshimi's parents,

"Ano... are your parents home?"
Yoshimi shook her head, "Well... can I talk to you outside, then? In your garden...?" Kyou asked quietly.
Yoshimi looked up to Kyou's eyes and nodded, "Okay..."

Kyou stepped back, allowing Yoshimi to close the door and tuck her feet in her shoes. Then, walking separately, both of them walked to the back before sitting down on the garden bench. Kyou sat on one end while she sat on the other. Silence engulfed them but was overcome by the sounds of the wind breezing and caressing softly against their skin. Kyou thought irritatedly in his mind to say something when suddenly,

"Why are you here... Souma-san?"

Kyou's eyes jolted open; she didn't call him by his first name as his fringes hid his eyes again. He clenched his fist when suddenly, he winced in pain as he looked down and say his fingers on his left hand all cut from punching the wall previously. Yoshimi gasped when she saw the bruise as she hurried inside to grab a bowl of water and some bandages. Kyou wanted to stop her but she has gone inside already. Kyou looked down to his shaky hands when Yoshimi finally returned with the bowl and bandage. Kyou looked up as she placed the bowl on the bench; her knees to the ground as he dipped the cloth on the bowl of water and was about to wiped the blood away from Kyou's fingers when he stopped her abruptly,

"A-A-Ano... Let me do this..."
Yoshimi looked up and furrowed her eyebrows before nodding. She passed the damp cloth to Kyou as he took it and wiped the wounds.
"You're not here because of that bruise you got, right?" Yoshimi asked.

Kyou shook his head as he continued wiping his wound, wincing along the way.

-[To be continued...]-


*sigh* Ahh... my first part to my small ficcy. Hope it's nice! ^_^

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Friday, December 26, 2003

T.T i know i haven't been posting much because i was toooo busy with my PKMN fic and i have lots of ideas flowing and i got trouble to pick which one is best!!! *wails* and now, after reading Ruki-chan's lil' ficcy, i feel like typing one of my own but about which one? Fushigi Yuugi or Fruits Basket? *taps finger to chin* x.x''' mou... they're both great and fun animes to choose from and i dunno how to start it anyway!!!!

*idea pops* ^_^ got it!! Hope y'all like it!!! Not gonna do it now cuz' lil Tou wants to use the computer to make a homepage and starting to sing opera that might shatter glass... X.x'''

Toushiro: *sings with what Yoshimi typed above*

Random baka: >= ) *holds a bat and breaks the window*

O_O YOU SHATTERED GLASS!!!! *takes a walking stick and whaps her brother* YOU PAY FOR THE DAMAGES!!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Yours is the relationship of Fuu and

A nice, sweet relationship. Though things were
shaky and unstable at one point, now there is
peace and comfort and pure sweet love.

Which Magic Knight Rayearth Couple Is Like Yours?
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~^__^~ I wished i HAD Ferio really... *huggles huggles her pillow* ahhhh...

Kleo: -.-'''


pic of Eagle
Ah Eagle from Autozam. He is a good one. He has a
kind heart and a certain softness about him. He
shows kindness to both friend and enemy. Too
bad it will not last he is dying but you and
him will share more love then some do in a

Which Magic Knight Rayearth Guy Is For You?
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O_O Nani?!!? I got Eagle?!?! ~^^~

Kleo: -__-'''


you are Umi! You are critical and have a bad
temper. your like the second main girl. and you
are very qick to judge. you have a good fasion
sense though and are naturally beautiful.

which magic knight rayearth character are you? (new and improved!)
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o.o; Umi ka? ^-^


Kleo: -___-''' *whapped*

>=O YAMETE YO, KLEO-SAN!! *holds a pillow*


Sun Goddess
Goddess of the Sun and there's no doubt that you
have a bright and cheery exterior!

What element would you rein over? (For Girls)
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~^^~ Goddess of the Sun? ^_^ Ruki-chan!! I melt your icy-cold exterior!!! ^_^ Talk about Yin and Yang


You're Touki, the Master Angel of water. You're
somewhat calm and serious, but deep down you're
emotional and caring. And yes, Touki is a
girl.... in the dubbed manga... o.o;;

See which [elemental] Master Angel you are
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o.o ehhhhh...


You're Hikaru! Oh brave flame, having a
spirit/machine that's a wolf!

You're, obviously brave and can act a little
childish...I think. But, hell who cares?!
Everyone likes you.

See which Magic Knight you are
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o.o??? ehhhhhhh... First i got Umi and then now i got Hikaru??!?! *confused*

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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Congratulations! You're Legolas!

Which Lord of the Rings character and personality problem are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

^_^ Legolassss!!!! *huggles Legolas Plushie* ^_^


What Kanji word best suits you?
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o.O honto deska?

You are Natsumi from Your Under Arrest
fight any crimes latly your a tomboy yet you are
soo AWSOME the way you saved Chibi

wich anime person are u like
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Anyways, this is the continuation of the songfic i worked on! ^_^


(Pretty girl is suffering, while he confesses everything
Pretty soon she'll figure out what his intentions were about
That's what you get for falling again
You can never get'em out of your head
That's what you get for falling again
You can never get'em out of your head)

Yuuhi held her comfortingly on her bed, her tears reaching his shirt and his hands as she told Yuuhi what has happened,

"I loved him so much to let him go! He may not love me but he doesn't have to go away..." she cried.

Yuuhi winced at her weeping self, she's always the happy one and always the strong girl between the two. She would comfort those who felt bad and would try her hardest to cheer them up whether it takes a long time or not. Now, it's time for Yuuhi to repay for what she has helped him on.

(It's the way
That he makes you feel
It's the way
That he kisses you
It's the way
That he makes you fall in love)

He couldn't stand looking at the one he loved so much cry and wail at a pain that has been set upon. Yuuhi cradled her as he ran his hands through her now-combed hair,

"Stop crying already and accept it..." he spoke gently, "If you love him so much, do you think he'll be happy if he see you sad and crying like this? I know he won't!"

Yoshimi stopped sobbing as she looked up to Yuuhi, "Yoshimi-chan... yamete... I can't stand it seeing you cry like this!" he caressed her tear-streaked cheek, "You just got back from your trip and your family's very worried about your behaviour... you haven't eaten... spoken to anybody else..."

(She's beautiful as usual with bruises on her ego and
Her killer instinct tells her to beware of evil men
And that's what you get for falling again
You can never get'em out of your head
And that's what you get for falling again
You can never get'em out of your head)

Yoshimi stopped crying as a single tear trailed down her cheek to Yuuhi's warm hand, "Move on... you deserve someone better..." he smiled as he wiped the tear away.

There it was, the same feeling she felt when Yuki was around her, warmth, security, gentle words and understanding, she was awed to feel them again after crying so much. Yoshimi smiled as happy tears fell slowly down her eyes,

"Gomen..." she leapt to him with her eyes closed and gave him a loving hug, "I am so sorry... I'm so sorry that I wasn't my own self! I am sooo sorry that I have been this way... I'm so sorry for everything-" her sentences were cut short as she opened her eyes to find Yuuhi's face near hers and his lips locked to her own.

(It's the way
That he makes you feel
It's the way
That he kisses you
It's the way
That he makes you fall in love)

(It's the way
That he makes you feel
It's the way
That he kissed you
It's the way
That he makes you fall in love)

And again, the same feeling surged within her, the same feeling she felt when Yuki kissed her for the first time, the first whom has laid their soft lips to hers. But this one is a tad bit different, it was magical and mind-blowing, his warm and gentle hands were wrapped around her with her own arms hanging limp from her shoulders, she felt herself melting as she closed her eyes slowly to feel the bliss and happiness she yearned for rise from deep within her heart.

(Pretty girl is suffering, while he confesses everything
Pretty soon she'll figure out
You can never get'em out of your head)

As Yuuhi parted from her, he smiled when Yoshimi was still in Cloud 9; her eyes are still closed and a tiny smile crawled up her lips. He wiped her tears away and smiled as she opened her bright aqua coloured eyes,

"You are forgiven... you are always forgiven..."
Yoshimi smiled widely and gave Yuuhi another warm hug, "Arigatou... Yuuhi..."

Yuuhi smiled thankfully, hearing her loving and sweet voice from her again after such long days of not meeting her. He made a silent vow to himself, making sure he takes care of Yoshimi till his own time that'll come to pass and to make sure, he'll love her eternally.

(It's the way
That he makes you feel
It's the way
That he kisses you
It's the way
That he makes you fall in love)

Soon, a broken heart has been mended by something of warmth and love
Though after such harsh and painful times has this heart been weeping on
Her chances have come to pass and to move on has been longed hung above
Warmth and great love held close to her, loving her forever till passed on...

(It's the way
That he makes you feel
It's the way
That he kisses you
It's the way
That he makes you fall in love


^___^ This would be my ending for Uehara Yoshimi!!! ^___^ I loved this one and i was smiling to myself!!!! The song's from Sugacult/ Pretty Girl (The way).

Signing off,


Legolas - Full of youth, you never miss your target
when shooting your own long bow.

Which Lord of the Rings Elf are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

~^^~ Legolas!!!!! ^___^

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Monday, December 22, 2003

This is just a sonfic and as usual the fic will be from the fic me, Ruki-chan and Toushiro-nii-chan are working on! ^_^


Tears fell from her aqua coloured eyes as his words repeated in her aching mind,

* Flashback *

"I pretended to love you because I want to meet Arashii for myself but since I haven't been able to... I thought that maybe I could imagine you to be her..." he paused as he coughed, "I didn't mean to lead you this far... I'll remember the both of you always..." he smiled weakly until his body fell limp in her arms.
Her eyes widened as tears fell down her eyes rapidly, she couldn't believe what he had just said to her; she wouldn't accept what her ears have heard but the truth was upon her and the only choice left for her to choose is to accept. She shook her head vigorously as she hugged him tight, her hands running through his dark blue hair and her tears streaming down her eyes and his dirty face.
"Uso..." she mumbled to herself, "Uso!" she growled as she hugged him tighter.

* End of Flashback *

She couldn't stand remembering these vivid memories, she couldn't forget them... every second she would try to think of something else but all she could think of was those forgiving violet coloured eyes she fell in love with so deeply. She had never felt this way before least of all to kiss a boy... she treasured him at that very moment and till the end... his last breath.

She frowned at herself, falling into an oblivious trap set by him... but how can she say it was oblivious? She fell in love with him because he was one of a kind, gentle, caring and warm... and now he says that because he wants Arashii, her other self within her. She cried even harder, replaying his image when he said those heartbreaking words; why does all happiness have to end this way? Why does all your hopes and dreams that have come true has been striped away from your mind and leaving you with a broken heart and unforgetful memories?

She cried against her jeans, her eyes on her knees as she hugged her legs. She had never felt so much happiness and now, she had never felt so much pain in her heart. She imagined many views of herself and Yuki being together and sharing their moments together till their passing time... but now, she was alone...

She knew her eyes are red and puffy, she knew crying doesn't bring him back to life but she continued on. Refusing any meals, refusing to talk to anybody... even her grandmother; Miyori felt worried and kept giving a phonecall to Yoshimi but the weeping girl refused harshly. It has been two days now, though she refused such, she didn't refuse any sleep but as she slept, her dreams turned to nightmares; causing screams to be heard in the middle of the night.

Her family are terrified of her behavior after completing her course back at Singapore, they tried talking to her outside her door but she would just say in a cold tone,

' "Get out... Leave me alone..." '

And her family would wince at her tone of her voice, her grandmother just hung her head low; wishing that this horrid spirit would have been inside her own body and not her granddaughter. Her mother was fed up about Yoshimi, she couldn't continue weeping foolishly for something; it shows the strength of your heart and your will. The longer you cry, shows that your heart is weak to accept what was upon you. Soon, her mother picked up the phone and called Yoshimi's childhood friend, Tsukishiro Yuuhi.

When he arrived quickly, her mother explained the situation as Yuuhi frowned and climbed up the stairs to her room. Giving it a knock, he spoke gently,

"Yoshimi... ore da..." he paused as he silenced, hearing soft sobs inside her room, "Can I come in, please...?"

Yoshimi raised her head, hearing Yuuhi's voice from the other side as she looked down to her hands before dragging herself up to the door and opening it for Yuuhi. As she opened the door, Yuuhi scanned her appearance, it was a horrid sight; her tank top has dark spots from her teardrops and her pants had the same, her hair was astray and her eyes are all red and puffy. Yuuhi gasped and grabbed her by her shoulders,

"What happened to you?!" Yuuhi questioned with concern.


Hmm... I think i'd like to make a part II to this small paragragh cuz' my lil bro has to use the computer for some time and i am taking up too much of it already. ^_^ Hope y'all liked it! Thanks!

Signing off,


Well, i woke up as usual and my mum asked for a business file my dad wants us to print out but both me and Toshiro-nii-chan couldn't remember where we put it and my mum blew up at us, saying that if we don't find it fast, we will not use the computer at all! O_O i was like... what?!?!? i mean, she's taking every single oppurtunity popping in front of her to ban us from the computer...

-.-''' mattaku, and i got totally pissed off and i started blewing off at my brother... T.T gomen!

anyways, i searched for everything and then the files are on the floor... and my brother had the nerve to say it's gone! grrrr... then i blew off at him again! then i started trying to sort them out and my mother says you do work very badly... if you are to give something to a client through business, papers must not be crumpled!

O_O heck! i didn't know that so what?! Just started blowing me off like that and said, print again! O_O we are wasting fresh pieces of paper! then i print it out and i started opening the tray of the printer kindda 'harshly' and my mum says don't do that to the machine... the stupidity comes out from you...

O__O ME?!!?! ONLY ME!??!?!?!? WHAT ABOUT MY BROTHER?!?!?!?! i felt like swearing to her right there and then but i can't do that because she is still my mother... no matter what she does, she says, she is still my mother... who gave birth and brought me up to whom and where i am now! And, i felt so angry... tears welled up in my eyes because of my growing anger boiling in my heart... -.-'''

Random Baka: o.O are you writing a story or a post?

>=O Kisama! Urusei! *kicks the Random Baka off the scene*

T.T after printing and getting my acct. on windows on, i walked to my room, closed my door and cried like a baby on my bed... i've never had this feeling since i was in primary/elementary school! i was humiliated in front of my friends from a baka, shithold, bitch of a tutor from a polytechnic... -.- i despised her till now and will never forgive her for what she did to me! she made me cry in front of my friend because of something i didn't understand! Everytime i would tell my parents about it and wished that i don't have to go there anymore... i tried my best to escape from it... but suffered the stupidity and humiliation... T.T

and then... *thinks* err... better not tell you about this one...I still love my mother and father and sooo... i wouldn't go too far to tell every single thing my mum did to me... :x

^_^ gomen to those who want to know!

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Sunday, December 21, 2003


Darkness loomed around him as he sat on the bench, watching the full white moon in faint silence, waiting for his visitor to arrive. As he waited patiently, winds whistled to his ears, his dark blue hair swayed against the wind and softly caressed his cheek; his violet coloured eyes twinkled peacefully. Finally, he heard crushed dried leaves from behind him, a signal that someone's behind him; the shadow loomed over him. He smiled as he shoved himself to the side, giving come space for his visitor to take a seat.

His visitor raised an eyebrow at him but sat down beside him anyway, relieved that there's still some space between them. As he watched the moon again, he smelled the breeze; happened to be mixed with his visitor's perfume. He grinned as he turned to her,

"Glad you came... Uehara-san..." he spoke softly as she turned her head, "I almost thought you wouldn't come here since you have lots to study and such... just like what you said to me before..."
The honey coloured haired girl gave a tiny smile, "Well, I have to go out sometimes, right? I can't just get stuck to my studies and not have some fun in my life! Besides, I always loved watching the moon, especially when it's full..." her voice trailed off as she stared at the moon, avoiding his curious eyes watching her.
The man smiled, "You never seemed to amaze me than tou have..." he paused, "We seemed to have lots in common... now don't we?"
The girl close dher eyes and sighed silently, "I guess we do..." he shoved closer to her, "I mean, we love nature, peace, and both of us hate bugs..." she stuck her tongue out as the man chuckled.
"You could say that..." he grinned as he moved closer, "What else do you like?"
The girl noticed him moving closer to her as she relaxed, "Eto... reading, swimming, cycling..." she paused as she tapped her finger to her chin, "And dancing..."
The man smiled as he stood up and walked before stopping in front of her and held his hand out, "May I ask for a dance?"
The girl blushed, "Souma-san-"
"Call me Yuki, Yoshimi..." he cut in as Yoshimi held her hand out and gently rested on his as he pulled her up, his arm wrapped around her waist and his hand intertwined with hers, "We're friends now, right...?"
"Ah..." she replied softly as she stared into his violet coloured eyes as he stared back.

Yoshimi rested her left hand on Yuki's shoulder while her right hand held Yuki's left hand as both of them danced slowly against the wind. As the both of them swayed for some time, Yoshimi felt tired as she yawned softly, unconsciously resting her head to Yuki's warm chest; her face nuzzling against his neck. Yuki smiled softly as he in turn nuzzled his face against her neck, both dancing slowly and feeling heat radiating from both of their bodies.

"Yoshimi... feeling tired already?" Yuki whispered to her ear.
"Un..." Yoshimi replied, her nose tickling his neck as she felt her chin being held up by Yuki's fingers.
"Let me give you something before you sleep, okay?" he spoke gently as he closed his eyes, before leaning in closer to her and gently pressed his lips to hers, giving all passion and bliss at one go.

Yoshimi felt awake right there and then, not expecting what had just happened as Yuki pressed his lips harder to hers; his tongue exploring her mouth. She couldn't hesitate to not kiss him back as she closed her eyes slowly to feel the warmth and bliss that's pouring and flowing in her veins. His hands crawled up her back while her hands played with his dark blue hair.


Just a short paragraph of what the story might hold! ^_^ All fluff haters beware! This may be full of fluff so don't start screaming or cussing at me or anything!! >.< Thanks lots to all of those!

Signing off,


Gomen nasai all! >.< my mother grounded me and my younger brother from the computer so i apologise for my absence! i felt soooo bored!! Anyways, thanks to all!

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Friday, December 19, 2003

O_O WOW! i went through lots of quizzes huh? >.< greedy me... anyways, got my template changed thanks to Blogger and Blogskins and the designer! ^_^

You are Juri!
You are Juri:: Cheerful and a bit eccentric, you
always have a smile on your face. You are
loving and friendly but you don't care what
others think of you. Deep down, though, you
are plaqued with depression and a sad past.

What Digimon Girl Are You (01-03)?
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Omae wa dochira juunishi no MEMBAA desu ka?

What type of Bishounen are you? Find out at by Rin.

You are Blue
What color are you? (Anime Pictures)

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I am most like Kuzuha
You are like Kuzuha

Which Anime Girl You Are Most Like
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You are Tank-
You are Tank, from "The Matrix." Loyal
till the end, you spare no expense in ensuring
the well-being of others.

What Matrix Persona Are You?
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Please rate my quiz I worked hard on it thanks

Which Lord of the Rings person do you want? (many out comes for anyone plus pics to)
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Quiz Me
Uehara Yoshimi spins tunes as
DJ Cool Lemon

Get your dj name @ Quiz Me

this is my way to live

What about yours?
made by rav-chan

Tenchi Muyo
Wheee...Tenchi Muyo!. ^.^

What Anime Do You Belong In?
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You're Sensitive and you'd like to stay that way..
-Sensitive- You're Sensitive, and you'd like to
stay that way. Sorry,listened to a bit too much
Jewel there. You're sweet and very emotionally
charged. You definitely love the person you're
with, and always want to know how they're
feeling so you can make sure they're happy.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
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Compassion: You are there to share your sympathy
with others. People would consider you
affectionate and caring, and someone to look up

Which Characteristic From the Samurai Code Matches You Best? (You may find out your best trait)
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You represent... kindness.
You represent... kindness.
You're a very gentle, kind, and caring individual.
You truely care about people and are generally
well-liked. Though sometimes you may be
perceived as weak, you truely have a strong
heart and a good desire to help others.

What feeling do you represent?
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Your Heart is Red

What Color is Your Heart?
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LOVE is your chinese symbol!

What Chinese Symbol Are You? -- Updated (7/21/03)
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>.< still having the cold and luckily i have no fever to include my sickness.

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You are naturally born with a gift, whether it be
poetry, writing or song. You love beauty and
creativity, and usually are highly intelligent.
Others view you as mysterious and dreamy, yet
also bold since you hold firm in your beliefs.

What Type of Soul Do You Have ?
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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Sorry for my long absence because i went for a three-day holiday and it was both fun and hectic. First, our family car broke donw 3/4 of the way to the hotel and then it was raining cats and dogs and then the next day i went up to the highest peak of a mountain and on top a watch tower where the clouds roamed about and my whole body was a total ice cube. Then, i got a cold and couldn't sleep at night because of my fear of ghosts and imagination of things going to fly around my room... x.x''' and up till now, i'm still having the cold and some tummy aches.

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Monday, December 15, 2003

Got new skin!

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*sighs* Hello all! New Blog, New things!

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