Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Konnichiwa minna-san!!! *bows* ^^ i know i have not been updating my stuff but hey!! I'm busy alright!!

X_X yeh... busy with exams and such... not that i am complaining or anything... I'm starting to concentrate harder on my maths since i seemed to be slacking a lot in it... *whaps self* ... anyways, not much to report cuz' i didn't go out much.

But i can say a little on what happened in school today. Went out just fine, had physical ed. lesson and played Netball. ^_^ Rika-chan played it soooo well and was very supportive too!! *claps* SUGOII NE RIKA-CHAN!!! ^.^

Well, doing RP with Rika-chan again... ^.^

Signing off,


Thursday, June 24, 2004

Ohayou minna-san!!! ^o^ I am back after my 2 day camp... yes... i know it's supposed to be a 3 day camp but the school's alarm has a glitch or something so if any movement caused in the school triggers the alarm... the 'alarm man' will get fed-up and tries to fix it. So most of us were dead angry about it and that we have to end our camp a day earlier. *sighs*


1. NPCC Camp

True enough that it was cut-off but it was fun on the last day. Everybody tries to squeeze in all the activities we wanted to have and finish up the rations and such. XD it was fun really eventhough our bathing time was not until 11 at night. -.- that was an irritant. Since the EURO 2004 began, my gang and i sneaked out of the school (with the teacher's permission) and watched the match between England and Croatia! LOL we were like forcing ourselves to wake up and we came back to school at about 4:15 am and when we reached our bunks which me and my gal-pal shared with the guys! ^^v

Then we all woke up at 6:15 and all of us looked horrible!!!! LOL!!!

2. Private Photoshoot Pics

THEY ARE HERE!!! *boogies* when i got the album from Rika-chan on the photoshoot, i was excited to see it and when i looked through... these are the pics that has become my favourite. I'll talk you through!

Sweety-pie! *giggles* Yep peeps! This is me in Ruriko's uniform from Gatekeepers. I don't wanna brag or anything but this is my all time favourite cuz' this is the only one that i thought i looked alright... ^^;

^^ This is me and Rika-chan (playing as a Vampire Huntress). Don't wanna insult but she looked bitchy if you ask me. But actually, the huntress i heard from her was supposed to look and be bitchy! ^^;;;;;;; What i'm doing here i trying to heal her from her Vampire curse. LOL!!

O_O YURI!! YURI ALERT!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! *drink bubble tea* AAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Kleo: -.- *whaps whaps Y-chan*

X_X naw... it's supposed to be Yuri... *big sweatdrop*

Kleo: =.= *yawnz*

In this piccy, i was trying to open the Gate and Rika-chan was trying to stop me... *scratches head* i think... ^^;;;


Vampire Huntress and the almighty 'Johnny'!! ^^ actually, that's my irl brother... ^-^

^^;;; i know this looks odd but actually... in there, i'm supposed to be Lacus Clyne from Gundam Seed... Rika-chan plays Fllay Allster from Gundam Seed and my sister in the middle is my walking PURPLE HARO!! XD

This is me in casual and Fllay in casual as well. We're studying and as usual i was the 'studious' one and i studied except for Fllay who was keeping herself pretty during the study. -.-

As usual, i was angry and fought with her. She fought back and again and again. -___-

O.O yeh... it became harsh and she wanted to pull my belt out and i tried to stranggle her... XD

^O^ and yes... i won!! *giggles* and the punch was sweet i tell ya!! *boogies*

XD XD XD and this Private Photoshoot is funded, supported by Singtel! XD

And this is the end of my long report for the photoshoot. Hope y'all enjoyed looking at it as much as we enjoyed changing clothes and posing... ^^;;;

Signing off,


Sunday, June 20, 2004

Konbanwa minna-san!!! ^^ Just had my oh-so-private photoshoot of Gundam Seed, Gatekeepers and Casual me in Heliopolis. ^O^ Me and Rika-chan had such great fun and laughs and on the way we made up a plot for our future RPs. ^^v

Right then.. on with the *detailed* reports.


1. Gundam Seed: Final Memory

Well... i'm still waiting for Rika-chan to reply but from the way she's reporting on her Bloggie... she seemed pretty busy and such so i dont wanna bother her with my ramblings on when she wanna reply. Right now... let's just do loadz of random RPs!!! *giggles*

2. NPCC Camp

Yeh... as i said before.. i'll be away for three days from home and from the computer. I'll be participating on a three-day camp in school and dread the nights of sleeping in a classroom with another girl. I mean... only the both of us?!?! T_T *shudder shudder* i am damn straight afraid of that kind of idea... but if i dont get this done and overcome my fear... i'll be a coward for the rest of my life... X_X *whaps self* me and my scaredness...

3. Our very own private Photoshoot

It was held at my place and yes... it was hectic. At first, my parents were out along with my little sis a.k.a my little purple Haro (she was wearing purple). ^O^ at that time we already changed out of our previous costumes which i wore as Ruriko from Gatekeepers and Rika-chan played as a seductress/vampire huntress from an anime i can't quite remember what the name was... ^^v

Anyways, we posed... Yuri poses... killing each other poses... our own poses... ^^ yeh... we weren't really attracting much attention then but when it comes to going downstairs... most of the cars weren't even paying attention to us!! LOL!! Good for me though... i was sooo dead shy and the people were staring at me. Most to most, maybe some might have seen me or knew me a little. LOL but it was really fun i tell you!!!! All thanks to Rika-chan who had to bring a whole lot of clothes for the both of us. Aww... i was worried that she might not make it home since her stuff were practically heavy for her and... for once... it didn't rain!!! ^___^

But the best was the last few of the piccys. I played as my own OC as Uehara Yoshimi and Rika-chan played as the bitch from Gundam Seed... yeh... its Fllay Allster... grrr... Well, anyways, we played as our own. I was playing as my *intelligent* side of Y-chan and she plays as the daydreamy one. Playing with her hair and all. LOL she was sooo good at it. Then, i posed as if i was angry at her and such and she posed the same way back to me. Then a pose on a catfight with each other. XD that was fun!!!!

Well, Rika-chan's going to send the film today and hopefully... we'll get it by tomorrow afternoon!!!! *boogies* YAY!!!

4. A very dumb man

Yeh. Me, my purple Haro and Rika-chan saw this dumb but blown up dumb man yelling and making a scene right beside the junction nearby my place. HE WAS MAKING A SCENE WORST THAN WOMEN COULD!!! Damn... if i had brought my phone, i could've called the police and report that there's trouble and he was yelling at her because of a dent to his 'oh-so-sporty' car!!! i heard from a chinese lady that the woman that guy was yelling at didn't close the door when she entered the car so another car crashed into it and there.. the scene happened.

I heard someone yelling really then i was like... okay... i hope i'm not hearing things. The man himself didn't think straight to even move his car from the overflowing traffic and the car door was WIDE open!! WHO'S THE DUMBASS NOW HUH!?!?! He have the nerve to yell at her and make her miserable when he's the one who making himself labelled by the public as a 'BLOWN UP ASSHOLE WHO'S ALL-OUT DUMB AND PROUD'. -___- honestly... that girl should've dumped him right there and then!!! but after we passed by... i was worried for the girl's safety. Of course... cuz' of the guy's unexpected actions, he might punch the girl.. Least of all kill her on the spot!!!! X___X lucky when i came back... the car was gone... hope she's fine.

Signing off,


Saturday, June 19, 2004

Konbanwa minna-san!!! *bows bows* Right then!! Me and my family went to the heart of Singapore and watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!!!! ^O^ loved it!!! not that i wanna spoil anything but there were so much fluff in there between Harry, Hermoine and Ron!! ^__^ they're soooo sweet!!!

Right! Now the piccys i took last Monday during the Sentosa Cosplay!!!

This was the preparations and the start of the photoshoot!! ^^ personally, i was amazed at how much work they put on to making their costumes!! Especially the Final Fantasy Cosplayers!! Their costumes were soooo like the characters!!! ^.^ They even brought their own made weapons!!! ^^ cool huh?

This is Eva and Luel-chan. I met them through Rika-chan!! ^^;; The guy with the mask is Eva and he plays the Vampire Hunter. He carries his Katana around which i heard was kindda heavy... and the one kneeling down is Luel-chan and she plays as Tsuzuki Asato from Yami no Matsuei. She got this long tail that everybody was sooo itching to touch and pull it off from her!! ^_^ she's a very sweet person!!!!

^^ that's Rika-chan in her Sakura uniform and ready to get her head sliced off by two different swords... o.o;;;;

These are the swordsmen and swordswomen. Let's see... oh wait... ^^;; you can clearly tell who they are anyways... oh and at the end of the piccy there's Kenshin... without the red hair.. ^^ *laughs*

That's me and *evil* Sakura-chan holding a sword!! ^_^


Yep... these are the *crappy* pics i got... ^^;;

Signing off,


Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Ohayou!! T_T Just came back from a two-day ban from the computer!!! T_T *huggles the comp* i missed this sooo much!!!! Oh well... let's get on with the latest reports!


1. Gundam Seed: Final Memory

Going well, the gang has escaped but was almost shot down by ZAFT mobile suits and Athrun happened to risk his life to save his new found friends. ^_^

Short report for G.S but that's all i can say... ^__^ Don't wanna spoil anything!

2. Sentosa Outing

It was quite a hot Monday that day. Me and lil' bro were like the odd ones out and we were just watching the rest have fun cosplaying and seeing them smile their brightest! ^_^ Some brought their lovers along and some brought their 10 friends with them!

There were Final Fantasy X-2 players... like Payne, Yuna, Rikku and Tidus! There's Cardcaptor Sakura whereby Rika-chan played the mirror side of the real Sakura and there's Li Syaoran although he's not all cute on that day... x.x mou... Then there's Rurouni Kenshin but imagine... bald... O.O nice huh and the scar made by red lipstick? XD it was funny!!!! Then there's Gundam Seed cosplayers!! There were Yaoi moments but i didn't get the see them cuz' i haven't really accepted the terms yet... X_X gomen... well, there's Kira, Lacus, Athrun and Cagalli!!! ^__^ She looked soooo damn pretty in her green gown!!!

I was upset though that i didn't get to get a picture of Kira and me... well, can't blame him... he went soooo far away that i can't find him!!!!! T____T mou... anyways, i had some fun and laughs and met new people!!

Alright! There were Kingdom Hearts players and only one girl cosplayed as Fuji i think from Tennis no Oujisama!! ^_^ Dyed blonde hair and blue contacts... sweett!!!

P.S: Well, Rika-chan... thanks for bringing me along and alos sorry for going home soooo sooon!!!! T___T

But honestly, me and bro wanted to try but have noooooo idea who to cosplay as!!! T__T and the materials... props... money... X____X mouu...

3. Camping

Yeh... going camping... but not literally though... i'm staying with my cadets in our school for 3 days. T_T i'm sooo scared but i hope i get alot of fun!! I'm going from Monday til wednesday next week though i'll be having my remedials then as well... ^___^

Oh!!!! And i'll be watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban this saturday!!! *boogies* can't wait!! not that i'm bragging or anything but i'll try my best to report the movie to y'all!! And after that... i'll be expecting another G.S report from Rika-chan... -.- mouu.... i've been asking so much from her!!!!!!!!!

Signing off,


Friday, June 11, 2004

Ohayou minna-san!! Using the school's computer again cuz' we all and i mean all (about 30 of us) have to finish our evaluation and executionn on the practical we did last tues (another class) and yesterday.

^-^ I finished mine quite quickly and i surfed around the webbie looking for Gundam Seed piccys and the single pic where Athrun and Cagalli kissed. ^-^ WAIII!! Rumours has it that he kissed her because he wanna shut her up... -.- really... he's not that bad ass and unreasonable right?

Anyways, report time!


1. Gundam Seed: Final Memory

Going well, the fact that haven't replied to Rika-chan's last taggie... *whaps self* X_X being busy yesterday while me and Rika-chan was RPing about the Orb Kingdom and keeping the generation bloodline pure from and i quote 'THE FILTHINESS OF COMMONERS!!!' -____- baka yarou of King Rohn (my OC in there)

Kleo: XD Rohn!! XD
Rohn: o.O what? *has a rat on his shoulder*

o_o;;; err...

2. Latest RP - Yesterday Night

It was going on when Kira and Cagalli got a letter from the King and Queen of Orb Kingdom. Kira decided to bring Y-chan (in there) along with him and she ended up bringing Rika and she ended up bringing Nami (Rika-chan's OC) along... ^^;;;

So they tried to beg Kouji (Y-chan's bro) to sweet talk Murrue Ramius to send the gang to the Orb planet and Ramius told them that she will be waiting for them since the planet are lack of transportation towards outside planets. When the gang reached there, they were welcomed by a hyper nanny (my OC in there) named Maia and she forced Cagalli and Kira to come in the castle in smart clothes but Kira ended up running away.

Same thing happened when they were led to the Main Hall where the King and the Queen waited for them. Y-chan looked for him and tried to calm him down when they were dragged back to the Main Hall and that's where the fun began.

P.S: I can't explain more on the RP cuz' we're doing the PART II of the RP. Yes... part II *sigh* my time exceeded so we had to stop the RP. >_< i was in suspense for too long until i dreamt of Kira in his Strike and i was 'protecting' the Strike in my roller blades in a new but weird looking neighbourhood full of demonstrators. X_X But it was an experience i'll never forget for a dream like that. ^_^

Signing of,


Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Konnichiwa minna-san!! ^-^ Using my school's computer again... x.x got banned by my mum until tonight. I can use the computer tomorrow though *boogies*

Alright! Report(s)

1. Gundam Seed: Final Memory

Going well really... all of us are still in the ZAFT ship trying to escape and get Lacus back from a meanie of a soldier named Zaffa Drea (my OC). *giggles* he's falling for Lacus-chan!!!!!!

2. Food & Nutrition: Exam

Doing my major cooking exam tomorrow. Kindda nervous but too used to the feeling anyways!! ^-^ not the first tiem i cooked by my own! *smiles* hope i dont mess things up tomorrow cuz' my teacher and friends might wanna taste it and comment on it.

3. Remedials: English

Went for remedials today, kindda funny though. 5 only came including myself and Rika-chan. The teacher noticed us looking like zombies then and she tried her hardest to lighten up the mood but she ended up ending the remedial 15 mins earlier and i suggested for going somewhere else to have the remedial instead of class here and then. -____- borrrriiiinnnggg!!!! same old thing day in day out!!!! of course not many people are going to come for remedials... -.-

4. RP: last Monday

x_x yeh, we RPed but it was horrible!!!! T___T lucky its not gonna affect my ICL life. Phew... Anyways, it was about Kira getting beaten up by Atemu (Yami Yugi) because he was like wanting me back and said that Kira's no good for me... x.x meanie... anyways, since i did my ending for the previous RP both of us did... she made hers and it was halfway of the whole RP we did and as usual... there was no ending because Zaffa was about to be fully beaten up by Sai and another few boys... x.x

P.S: Rika-chan!!! It was a great start!! ^_^ don't forget to continue!!!

Anyways, i can't wait to touch my comppie again tomorrow!!! T___T starting to miss it soo much and oh yeh!!! i finally got Ragnarok Offline game from Rika-chan who got it from Ranma-chan. Although, she reported that there was a Trojan virus and i was thinking that i should check it before i report back to Ranma-chan about the condition of the game and the source of the Virus... -.- i hate them...

Virus: DESTROY YOSHIMI'S COMPUTER!!! *crawling over her own comp*

O_O COMPPIE!!!!!!!

Signing off,


Monday, June 07, 2004

^_^ Konbanwa minna-san!!! My remedials have been going on and i might not be able to update everyday since 1, 2 and 4th week i'll be as busy as a bee...

Random baka: *holding a book about XXX* alright kids!! *teaching to a group of another few random bakas* we will now learn about the Birds and the bees...

Random Bakas: O_O wahhhhh!!! sugoii ne!!!!

-______- hentai... anyways, let's get the report up and running!!!


1. My Story on what me and Rika-chan Rped is finally done and the ending was a masterpiece!!!! ^___^ i was trying to make the ending as depressing as it is but also end it with something happy and good. Rating from Rika-chan on a scale of 1 to 10... she gave me an 8/10 if you're rating for depressness or angstness... o.o;; *wonders if that's even a word*

2. Gundam Seed is going well. Yoshimi (in there), Cagalli, Rika, Kira and Athrun safely landed on the ZAFT ship to return Athrun back to them and they ended up getting caught as prisoners themselves!! ^-^ wanna give some juice to the story!! XD Now, Yoshimi disguised as a guard (with her hair hidden) to find Lacus who went missing in the Ship and has a gun to her head since she was already suspected as an imposter!! *gasps*

Kleo: =.= ZZZzzzzzzZZZ

-.- let's get on with the report...

3. Today my family went to the Chinese Garden to look at Windmills from all over the world!! It was great, fun and interesting... -.- although my mum paid $37 for the entry fee and my dad blew up!! LOL... it wasn't worth it if you ask me... but still, i had soo much fun learning about the Bonsai plants in there and the different windmills different people making it. Not many people were there like i thought it be..

Alright!!!! Waiting for Rika-chan's taggy and i'll be going off quite soon... -.- again... *sigh* no matter... there's tomorrow and OH YEH!!! ^-^ Rika-chan's going to lend me her Ragnarok Offline Installer CD!!!! ^_^ Finally!!!! I'll get to play it!!! *boogies* oh and i have to get instructions from Ranma-chan. *grabs notepad and pencil* I'm ready Ranma-chan!!!!

Signing off,


Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Ohayou minna-san!!! Holidays began with a boom! ^-^ I have to go now cuz' me and my huge family are going for a trip outside so i might not be back no later than 7 at night.

Rika-chan, if you're reading this... please be online after about 8. Thanks!!!

Signing off,