Saturday, July 24, 2004

 Konbanwa minna-san!! Saw the new and improved text-box in the Edit Section of Blogger and i think i'm starting to like this better than the old one. Although this is going to take time for me to adjust! XD Anyways, as you can see... i have uploaded a few more extra Fanlistings to my list and i'm starting to get hooked to add more. Heck!! I have no more space to put them there. Almost thought of getting my site to collect my fanlistings that i have joined so far.
^_^ I know i haven't been updating my blog but i have been pretty busy with my 'N' levels and my studies and family stuffs. And also, RPing with Rika-chan!! ^.^ Our latest RP was superb and we finally ended it on the spot too!! *claps* Finally!!
I might not get some time to update this everyday because of the stuffs that's been going on and such. But i'll try and squeeze in all the details that has been happening and i'll try not to loose any info. on this too!!! ^____^V
Alright peeps!! Peace and OUT!

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Konnichiwa minna-san!! ^.^ had the chance to use the school's computer again because i can't use the computer i have back at home and i used the chance as having Food and Nutrition remedial. *giggles* i'm not being really bad today actually... i just had written some sort of sad story during my english class and i thought i'd post it up in my blog! ^_^V

Sides, Rika-chan's going to post her story up in her blog too. ^___^ can't wait!!!

Alright... no waiting! Let's begin! Oh and i'll be changing some of its contents to my liking! ^.^

Title: Unexpectance

It was horrible; excruciatingly horrible. My mother is now having an operation and i had just been cheated on by my boyfriend, Kira Yamato. I just silently sat on the plush couches in the waiting lounge with my hands to my face; my tears ceased to fall as i began to think back three days before.

I was just walking towards the park - wearing a simple peach sleeveless shirt and a white long skirt with my hair gently caressing my face. Everyone who was in the park began to wave and greet me with a smile to their faces. I, in turn, greeted them back with a smile and a small wave - which several people label my smile as a 'million-watt' smile.

I slowly scanned the surroundings and the luscious grass against my brown sandals. Sighing in contentment, i looked up and smiled even brighter; my secret part of the park was nearby and i approached it not before hearing soft voices in front of me. I raised my eyebrow; Kira and i are the only ones who would know about this place... nobody else!

I began to feel curious as i peeked through shrubs of white roses and yelped silently. The sight before me was something i would least expect. Kira was having his arms wrapped around a maroon-haired girl and kissing her passionately. I felt my world crashed on me. My whole world seemed to dissipate into tiny atoms and i felt myself wishing i have never met him in life.

I continued to stare at them as i began to pray hard that this was all a dream... just a dream... nothing more! A dream that i wouldn't turn back and never believe that it would be real. But as i blinked back my tears and disbelief... Kira and the girl was still locked in that one passionate kiss. I felt hot tears stinging my aqua eyes as i turned my head away before looking back to find Kira staring into the girl's eyes.

"I love you, Fllay Allster..." he paused and i wished he would stop saying more, "Only you..."

That was it. I turned around immediately and ran out of the park; passing by confused people as their voices rung in my ears - trying to call me back. I ignored their cries and just continued running without turning back. My tears leaving a crystal trail behind me.

I sobbed silently as the wind felt like shards of wood scratching my face, "D-Doushite... what have i done wrong...?" i spoke aloud as i slowly stopped in front of my house.

I panted heavily; my hair falling around my face as i scanned my feet. Bloodied by tiny stones and dirt while my long white skirt seemed pretty torn by the branches. My tears flowing from my eyes as i sobbed and felt my heart beating harder against my chest. I looked up to my house and staggered towards it.

I kicked off my sandals and approached the door before wiping my tears from my puffy eyes. I grabbed the doorknob and turned it as i pushed open the door to find my mother crying painfully and my father comforting her. I felt my pain melt away as i gasped and kneeled in front of my mother,

"Okaa-san? Nani yo?" i hurriedly asked her as my impatience rose.

My parents looked down at me before looking at each other with worried looks as my mother turned her head away. I turned my head to my father as my eyes urged him to explain.

"Your mother has just received a letter by the hospital that she has to go through an operation..." my father paused as my eyes slowly widened in shock, "There's a tumour in her chest and it has to be removed..."

I really wished my parents didn't tell me about this; i felt as if i wasn't prepapred to hear about this information and that i would kill myself if i hear anything depressing. I turned my head to my mother and stared into her apologetic eyes. I didn't feel angry at her... just confused... I looked at her with every warmth i have left in my body and held her cold hands.

"I'll love you always, Okaa-san..." i managed to choke out.
"I'll get through this successfully..." she spoke with a worried look that she might've thought that i wouldn't notice, "I'll survive to cook you your favourite dishes..."

I smiled before pulling her into an affectionate hug. I felt worried but also saddened because of her chance of survival through this operation and her conditions after that! Would she have a coma and die in her sleep or would she kill herself because she thought of no reason to keep on living?

I winced as i hugged her tighter. No... that's not my mother. She'll get through this... She'll live.

Now that i think back what has happened three days ago, i now realised how shattered i was then. Seeing your boyfriend cheating on you and your mother having a tumour to her chest, was something i thought i couldn't get through open-mindedly. I managed to talk to Kira one day but i couldn't keep up with my anger and just blew up on him. He denied it but i just slapped him across the face and walked away... never to hear or see him again.

Back to this particular moment right now, i was in a turbulent of feelings. I was stuck in the middle of depressed and panic. I couldn't tell my father how i was feeling but i was dead sure i wasn't feeling any better. Slowly, i looked away from the window and scanned the waiting lounge before resting my head to the plush couch.

"Uehara-san...?" a quiet voice rung in my ears as my eyes jolted open, "May i speak to you?"

My father nodded slowly as i sat up and stood behind my father; peeking over his shoulder to look at the doctor.

"Your wife is alive..." he managed to say through a depressed voice as i sighed in relief, "But she can't survive through the night... You may visit her now and stay until her passing..." and with that said, he walked away.

I shook my head in disbelief as my father turned around and pulled me into a warm hug; whispering comforting words to my ear. My mother is gone... and i have nothing to stop it from happening; thinking that i couldn't survive without my mother and my failures in my results.

December came in no time and i was ready to collect my results. I peeked inside and sighed in relief at the number of distinctions and passes i managed to have to qualify in one of the top schools in Shinjuku.

I smiled to myself as a single tear formed and fell from my aqua eyes. I hugged my results and closed my eyes slowly; wishing hard that my mother is looking down at me proudly... and wishing that my mother would've been here and hugging me hard as if the first time she has hugged me.

I never thought it would end up like this...

- End -

T_T how was that? it's not the equal of my composition but it was something like that... ^-^v

Signing off,


Sunday, July 11, 2004

Konnichiwa minna-san!

Anyways, nothing much happened for today except for me and Rika-chan RPing together whereby we introduced a new member into our huge oh-sane gang... ^-^


1. Saturday

I went for my normal CCA eventhough i have already... so to say, passed out and i was advised not to come but in the end, i wanted to because i seemed to have become prone to it and loved it. I loved everybody involved in it.

Then, after feeling that i was wholey wanted in it, my officers told me...

Then, "I do not want to see your face in NP from next week onwards!" he had the nerve to smile at me.

I felt like crying on the spot because i loved coming and helping the guys and gals in it. I told a few of my friends and some seemed quite sad while some don't even bother which i dont mind really...

I dunno... next week is my CCA's recognition parade and it's as important for them than to me. I wanted to come and my officers has to have bad timing to shoo me off. I was very sad then and i hardly smiled after the info. But since my friends birthday is two days away after next saturday... i'd like to come.

2. New RP

Yep, this morn we RPed. We added in Shin Asuka from Gundam Seed: Destiny. A new sequel to Gundam Seed. ^_^ it was fun really and we're coming to the 'Part II' of it. XD

That's all that has happened in summary.

Signing off,


Thursday, July 08, 2004

Konnichiwa minna-san!!! *smiles*

Anyways, i know i have not been updating for the past few days cuz' i had lots of things to do and finish up like my new randomness ficcy and my interview by some ministers in my country. Well, my day today didn't start out so well. I dunno what came over me but i was sooo moody then!! I smiled so weakly that i had no time to pay attention to my friends or my surroundings. ~.^ At least i'm not daydreaming like Rika-chan then!! XD no offence my tomodachi but i have been watching you from the back and you always twirl your hair on your finger!!!! LOL!! dont think i'm oblivious to your actions... ne? ^___^V Peace!!

Okay... back to the topic. After THREE whole periods of english whcih i spent it on finishing up my History homework... it was Social Studies then and i had one of the worst moments in there!! Because of that, i hate the teacher so much i felt like stranggling her!! >__<

Kleo: XD Y-chan's turning sadistic!!!!!! *boogies*


Kleo: -____- *yawnz*

Well, what happened was that three of my friends played truant and the teacher asked where they are. There was another one who was missing and i had NOOOOO idea where he was and she blamed me for it!!! His other friends scolded me and i felt like punching them until they turned into pulp!!!

Kleo: -.o yeh... like as if you can really punch someone with your oh-so-goody mood you're having right now...

>_< i CAN punch alright!!!! *punches random baka*

R.B: o_o; err... *has his lunch bag torn* you punched my bag...

>_____< MOOOOUUUU!!!!

Kleo: XD told ya...

Well... to the story... so she scolded me right... i took it alright... since i was practically used to all her ramblings. She grabbed the Class Diary and wrote down. She asked me several times where my missing friend is and i said i dunno... she yelled at me just because of the way i said my answer. Everybody turned their heads to me when she told me to stand up. I stood up and held my anger.

She yelled at me for being like... from the way she said it, like as if i am dumb and helping my friends to get away with it. After yelling her heart out at me, she threw the book and Rika-chan's pen across the table and said,



Then, his friends snickered at me and teased me when they're the ones who's behind the lie. I growled and all my anger was released... in my tears. >_< i hate crying in school...

My great friend comforted me and i was shaking everywhere... my lips... my hands... GRRRRR... she thinks she such a great idol that EVERYBODY should respect her. Damn... she shouldn't be so proud if not evetybody's gonna go against her one day.

Tch... i am sooooo not going to tolerate these kind of things...

Kleo: o_o;; wow...

Oh shut up, Kleo!

Kleo: XDDD

T___T ja ne... mata ashita!!

Signing off,


Friday, July 02, 2004

Konnichiwa minna-san!!! ^-^ I've got loads to tell you for the past few days!!!! ^.^ *giggles*

Report time!!

1) Tuesday

I have to apologise first and for most that i haven't been regularly updating my bloggie but i had loads of stuff and also my mum's TWO T'S of computer is already up... -.- which means i can't use the comp on Tuesdays and Thurdays... oh well... ^.^

Yeh, tuesday was almost my worst day then!!!! >_< *screams* the principal in my school went through a presentation of 54 pages!!!!!!!! EVERYBODY DIDN'T HAVE TO HEAR ALL THOSE!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! All the students were having their heads on either their knees (was sitting in the Gallery) or their friend's back. I was looking horrible during the assembly!!!!! Grrrrr... and the next day...

2) Wednesday

-_____- He repeated the same thing again... AAAAHHHHHHH!!! *pulls her hair out*

Random baka: *picks the fallen hair and grabs a bottle of glue* o_o *being an oh-so-baka* want them back?

>_< *whaps R.B back to Rika-chan's bloggie WITH Fllay*

Fllay: >___< AAHHHH!!!! KIRAAAA!!! TASUKETE!!!!!


Anyways, Rika-chan invited me and my lil' bro to this sunday's Cosfest at Downtown East and i can't believe i forgot about it when i was assigned for a duty in school this sunday as well from 11 - 5 in the evening!!!!! AAHHHHHH!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAD THE NERVE TO FORGET ABOUT IT!!!

I almost went insane apologising to her and telling her that i was sorry and my duty. I even showed her my consent form so that she won't think that i was lying to her... >_< gomen Rika-chan!!!! I almost made HER insane with my apologies that i kept throwing at her for the whole day!!!!! LOL!!!! Not that i enjoyed it... >_<

3) Thursday

Hmm... what happened then... oh!!! I was selected for the school's External Validation thingy with Rika-chan and my other classmate... *sighs* too bad we're not in the same group... *bawls* Well, this E.V thing is for the school's rating in Singapore... Like, what band it is in... o_o am i making sense?

Minna-san: o_o *shakes head*

>_< It's just for the school!!! and i was grouped under the 'STUDENT LEADERS' of my school... >____< i felt like i wanna stranggled my goodie self!!!!!!!! *wails* MMMMOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

Oh well, at least Rika-chan's going through the same thing and i am not alone!!! ^__^V

Minna-san: o_o

o.O @ Minna-san

4) Today

^____^ Today was soooo fun and free!!!! My English teacher was absent so there's the relief teacher. And today's chemistry lesson was named as WASTING TIME!!!! XD I can't believe my oh-so-strict-but-fun teacher decided to make today a 'WASTE OF TIME' day...

Like this

Teacher: ^.^ Alright then, since most of you don't have the chemistry notes, let's waste time...

Class: O_O huh?!

Teacher: ^^ Yeh what!! You don't have your notes, what else you want to do?

Me: ^^ Cher (nickname to call Teachers -.-) !!! Talk about the piercing of ears on guys!!

Class: ^^ *nods nods nods*

- End -

^^;;;; yeh... and that was the start of free-flow talking about ear-piercings on guys and Child birth. THAT WAS ONE HELL OF A FUN TIME!! Dont really wanna go into details on the convo but it was fun and knowledgable!!!! ^^

And that's the end of my report... waiting for Rika-chan to come online!!! ^.^

Signing off,