Friday, October 08, 2004

Hey y'all!! ^___^ Yesh yesh... i know i have not been updating my bloggie yet but i had loads of reasons and i have been truthful about them!

Firstly, my exams were around BEFORE and now they're gone! Forgotten!! Done!! Finished!!! I have finally completed my 1 week of exams and i can finally rest for the whole year! From now on, i dont have to come for school except for special occasions where i might be involved in and because i'll be fasting for a whole month too! Which is soooo right after my graduation night!!! Yesh!!! Grad nite is sooooo near and i can't wait to see!!! I can't wait to cry and ask for forgiveness from all my friends and especially Rika-chan if ever have i made her mad about me and did loads of stuff she disliked about me... T___T in advance, GOMEN NASAI!!!!!!!

Secondly, i've been busy looking for jobs to kill my time and to wait for Hari raya this year so i thought of killing time by getting a good job and help my mum while my dad's away overseas! It's soooo fun!!!! Filling in forms and jumping in joy just waiting for that special interview!! I mean it's soooo extreme and suspenseful!!!

Thirdly, Rika-chan invited me to tomorrow's GSeed photoshoot held at the Botanical Gardens and i still haev my shyness in me!!! But i wanna CP as Millie-chan!!!!

Millie: DEARKA!! DEARKA!! DOKO WA!!!?!! *running around the house*

-.-'''' yeh... she's been running around like that for ages now since she hasn't been in contact with her dear Dearka.


*grabs earmuffs and continues's typing*

Anyways, i feel like staying home for awhile tomorrow and finish up my ficcy. *sighs* Well, hope you guys will have a nice weekend and perfect holiday times to kill the whole three months of the year!!!!

Ja ne!!!