Friday, April 30, 2004

Konnichiwa minna-san!! T_T hectic day today... wen tto my school's sports day and it was fun!!! ^___^ though it was totally hot outside and we're all off the shade!!! *whacks the teachers* AND THEY GOT THE SHELTER!!!!! T____T mou...

Anyways, i haven't been updating because of my exams that're coming up soon and so i banned from the comp by my mum...-.-'''

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Friday, April 23, 2004

Konbanwa minna-san!! ^__^ Anyways, today went smoothly. Didn't get our presentation of Food & Nutrition presented today due to lack of time!! ^___^ *huggles the school bell*

Kleo: o.o;;;

Anyways, me and mum went out to get some stuff for tomorrow's trip to a nearby country! ^^ Most of my family members said that i have to be careful around there and stay close to my friends and group. Lucky Rika-chan's going!! T_T I'd be lonely... but still, she'd be of great company since she came!!! ^___^

I'm not online till sunday morn or noon! T_T

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Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Konbanwa minna-san!! I scrolled around in Rika-chan's bloggie and so... since i'm there... i might as well scroll down and so i did and i read a past post and i saw my name on it so i read and Max (Past love... i think... o.o;) started singing this depressing song for me and i was like..

Me then: x.x that's sooo sad... reminded me of my past too...

Kleo: -___- love sucks...

But really, if you read the lyrics... it was sooo depressing and i could vaguely imagine how he would look like if he were really to sing it to me and his reactions towards singing it... T___T but now... me heart goes out to Yami... i care for all the guys i knew!! ^___^ *huggles plushies of all the guys she knew*

I love y'all!!! ^.^V

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Monday, April 19, 2004

Konnichiwa!! ^_^ Nothing much to say cuz' there's nothing of a surprise that happened back at school... o.o;;

Anyways, a one-shot ficcy of a love triangle between... *drum roll*


O___O NANI?!?!?!

^___^ and another secret love! *giggles*

Let's begin!


Morning rose as the brightly coloured birds soared towards the sky; singing cheerfully above the neighbourhood as an orange haired girl aroused from her violet-coloured bed. She winced as she opened her eyes.

"Morning already...?" she grumbled under her breath before frowning, "I hate mornings..."

Rika Makino, aged 16, sat up from her bed as she dragged her sleepy self to the bathroom as she practiced her regular routine. She then grabbed a lavender coloured hairclip as she clipped it on; leaving beautiful locks of orange hair curling up to her eyes.

She sighed to herself before grabbing to her knapsack and dragged herself out of her room to the kitchen. She opened up a cupboard and grabbed two biscuits as she bit on them. Her parents were still asleep for they work during night shifts. Rika drank a cup of juice and walked out of the house to meet her best friend, Uehara Yoshimi, by the park.

She slowly walked on the sidewalk; her earphones booming loud music as she hummed silently. Neighbours waved happily to her as she gave a weak smile to them before grumbling to herself. As she walked even further to the entrance of the park, she could distinguish a slender figure standing in front of the telephone booth. Honey- coloured hair swiftly floating against the cool breeze as Rika stared at the figure before giving a tiny smile,

"Have you waited long?" Rika spoke as she took off her earphones; watching the girl turning her head around as she smiled her brightest.
"Rika-chan! Ohayou!" Yoshimi greeted as her aqua eyes burned with happiness, "Not long actually. I arrived here on the dot!" she winked as the two girls walked towards their school.

Both the girls chattered a little; though Yoshimi was doing most of the talking about an annual prom their school's putting up and as usual, Yoshimi was asked a million times by the seniors and none of them were accepted by her.

"Really, Yoshi-chan... Why didn't you say 'yes' to any of them?!" Rika frowned, "You got the whole three levels of guys asking you to the dance and none of them was accepted! Who are you looking for in particular?"
Yoshimi whipped her head around; her eyes softening, "I don't want to go with any guy because I don't want to leave you alone during the prom..." she paused as she looked down to her shoes, "I don't want to make myself feel bad to leave you alone at the table or the juice table..."
Rika's shoulders drooped, "Nande? Why would you anyways?" she paused, "I wouldn't be coming if you ask me..." she spoke in her frustrated tone.

Yoshimi looked up and stared at her friend before giving the girl an assuring smile, "Maybe you need to come! You have to come!" she paused as Rika gaped at her, "You need to change something... anything! There MUST be someone out there in our school that has some small infatuation on you!" Yoshimi giggled sheepishly.
Rika held a fist up to Yoshimi, "If that guy dare to ask me out..." she paused as she breathed in deeply, "I'll kick his ass till China!"
Yoshimi sweatdropped, "Demo... Rika-chan... don't you have any hope of that someone out there?" she paused as she held a cool hand on Rika's shaking fist, "Don't you have even the slightest hope...?"

Rika stared at her friend; blinking back the sensation of breaking down to heaps of tears before pulling back her fist, "No..."
Yoshimi's eyes softened, "Mou... Rika-"
"YOSHIMI!!" a deep voice shouted above the crowd of swooning girls as Yoshimi and Rika whipped their head around.

Yoshimi blushed as she stared at the huge mob overpowering a darkened figure with glistening violet hair, "Ano..."
"Matte, Yoshimi!" the voice spoke up again as he pushed the crowd away; finally taking a breather before grabbing on to Yoshimi's hand, "My... you looked lovelier today, my dear!" spoke the man; his violet hair stubbornly covering his eyes.
Rika however sunk behind; her orange fringes hiding her hideous blush painted on her cheeks, "D-D-Dark..." Yoshimi stuttered.

The huge mob of girls were bawling as they walked away though a few grumbled at Yoshimi. The senior boys however were hiding a few hidden items such as weaponary and bombs (o_o;;;;). Yoshimi smiled weakly at Dark as he wrapped an arm around the embarrassed honey head and lead her to her class. Rika was hiding her richly coloured shade of red to her face. A few moments a time, Dark would turn his head slightly to look over to the shaking girl before turning his attention to Yoshimi.

"Ano... Dark-san..." Yoshimi whispered as she hid her face from the excess attention by the juniors and seniors.
"Never fear, my dear!" Dark paused as he halted and knelt down; his hand gently holding on to Yoshimi's, "I have a favour to ask of you, Princess..."
Yoshimi blushed wildly before feeling a hard thump to her back as she turned around, "Rika-chan?! Daijoubu?!"
Rika accidentally crashed towards Yoshimi's back as she looked up, "I'm fi-" she looked down to Dark as he stared back at her. She looked as if she was about to burst into tears as she turned her head around; avoiding to watch what Dark was about to do,
"Y-Yoshimi..." Dark turned his attention to Yoshimi's warm hands, "I'd like to ask you to be my Midnight Date tomorrow!" he looked up to her and gave her his charming smile before kissing softly on her hand.

Yoshimi's eyes widened as everybody gaped; junior girls and girls of the same age with Dark bawled as they ran towards the nearest toilet (though most were filled with more bawling girls). Senior boys and Yoshimi classmates began to growl at Dark as a small few stared dreadfully at Yoshimi; awaiting for her answer that might change everything - or something,

"D-D-Dark-san..." Yoshimi's breath was short as she blushed wildly before turning her head to Rika and stared at her, "I don't know-"
"Please...?" Dark held on her hand tightly, "I can't go to the prom without you!"
Yoshimi was in the middle of the most dangerous situation; to choose a guy over a strongfully built relationship, "D-D-Dark-san... Atashi-"
"It's alright, Yoshi-chan..." Rika's voice sounded shakened and hurtful as Yoshimi turned her head, "You don't have to be my company during the prom..." Rika gave Yoshimi a small smile before walking towards their class.
Yoshimi stared at her friend; not noticing that Dark was doing the same... though his handsome features turned saddened and hurt, "D-Dark-san..." Yoshimi's gentle voice caught his attention as he turned his head, "I accept!" Yoshimi spoke firmly though her eyes seemed darkened and shallow.

Dark smiled as he stood up and leaned in slowly; giving Yoshimi a small peck to her cheek before pulling back. He gave Yoshimi a wink and grinned, "Pick you up at seven at your place!" and with that he walked away.

Yoshimi was in total shock as her hand caressed her warm cheek, "What was that about...?" her breath was short; her voice was hardly heard by everybody.

The senior boys were growling as they stomped towards Dark with guns, bombs and long knives (-___-;;;) while a darkened figure stood; hurt and heartbroken as he slowly walked towards their class. Yoshimi couldn't feel her legs as she felt her own body moving by instincts to her class. All the girls in her class sighed at her,

"She's soooo lucky..." a handful said, "She's pretty and popular! Of course she gets the hottest guy in school!" said another, "Damnit..." said a huge mob in her class as Yoshimi sat down beside Rika; her face glued to the table,
"W-W-What did he say...?" Rika's voice was muffled by the table.
"He... He..." Yoshimi paused as she turned her head sadly to her friend, "He asked me to the dance... and I accepted it... Oh, Rika-chan... Go-"
"You don't have to apologise..." Rika spoke in a firm tone as she pulled her head back, "There's no point!" Rika then smiled weakly.

Yoshimi was about to speak when the teacher walked in with a handful of books. Yoshimi looked to the teacher then to her friend before sighing to herself as their lessons began for the day. Few hours passed and a few minutes more to recess as the students in Yoshimi's class grumbled at the boring teacher teaching about the importance of Moral education. Yoshimi just stared into space through the window; thinking hard while a darkened figure sat behind her. Watching hard at her as he sighed heavily and as he was about to say something - the school bell rang as he sighed.

Yoshimi smiled as she stood up; grabbed her purse and followed Rika out of the class towards the canteen. The shadow sighed before walking out towards his favourite spot. Dark was swarmed with bawling girls begging for dear mercy as he shoved his way towards Yoshimi and Rika.

Yoshimi gave a weak smile as Dark sat with them on the table. Rika however was having her head down; looking at her food as she munch slowly. Dark was watching her a few times; not wanting to be seen as he continued to talk to Yoshimi. Yoshimi was forced to nod and smile at Dark as she munched. Then,

"I'll meet you in class later..." Rika spoke softly as she dashed towards the garden.
"Rika-chan!" Yoshimi shouted after her as she stood up from her seat before feeling a small tug to her arm, "Dark-san!"
"Leave her alone... she might be needing her space..." Dark spoke affectionately as he stared at Rika's disappearing figure.


Yoshimi stared at Dark before frowning as she grabbed her plate; threw it into the dispensary and ran towards the garden. Dark tried to stop her but he decided against is as he frowned,


Rika was crying; shattered; hurt; broken; fallen deep into the shadows from the only oppoprtunity to feel love and be loved by someone she held onto for so long... She didn't know where she was going but kept on running; feeling her footsteps slowing down to a walking pace as she panted heavily.

Yoshimi has lost the direction Rika has taken as she scanned around the area she stood; it was the garden but Rika wasn't seen except for a dark figure leaning against a plum blossom tree. Yoshimi tilted her head as she squinted her eyes to gasp at the sight... it was Yami. She could tell accurately by the colour of his hair that gleamed under the sunlight as a few blonde fringes stubbornly caressed his skin.

"Yami...?" Yoshimi whispered as she stepped forward, "Daijoubu...?"
Yami was jerked off his thoughts as he turned his head to find Yoshimi standing a few metres behind him, "Y-Yoshimi..." he was about to speak when he suddenly held back and shook his head.
"What's the matter...?" Yoshimi spoke softly.
Yami looked up; his eyes turned into a darker shade of sorrow as he turned around and ran towards the school block.

Yoshimi gasped as she tried to grab chase of him but decided not to, "What's going on..." she whispered.

= Saturday 7:00pm =

"Okaa-san! I'll be back about 10 pm alright!" Yoshimi shouted as she adjusted her baby blue dress and her hair.
"Alright! Have fun!" her mother's voice sounded faint as Yoshimi walked briskly to answer the doorbell.

Yoshimi smiled at Dark; he was wearing a tuxedo in the dark shade of blue as his hair was caressing his face softly, "Shall we...?"

Yoshimi smiled brightly as she was led towards his black car. Dark sat on the driver's seat and zoomed off towards their school. Driving in, streamers, balloons, banners and flowers decorated the school beautifully as Yoshimi was amazed by its astounding beauty,

"Ahh..." Dark spoke as he hooked arms with Yoshimi and walked inside to the hall where other students were beginning to enjoy the dance.

They soon grab a cup of punch each as they watched the students dance with all their might. Teachers were in the funk as well as they were dressed in their informal clothings for once and smiled their brightest. Yoshimi tapped her feet to the floor before hearing a loud gasp from the entrance as she whipped her head around and gasped as well,


Rika came in wearing a balanced mix of bright and dark shades of purple and her hair was tied in a French bun. Yoshimi was dumbfounded as she walked up to her, "Is that you... Rika-chan?" she smiled.
Rika blushed, "What do you think? I'm so making a fool of myself..."
Yoshimi shook her head, "You look wonderful!!"
"Hi Rika..." came a deep voice behind Rika as she froze, "Can... Can I talk to you outside...?"
Rika was shakened; scared as her heart thumped against her chest, "It's alright! I'll be outside to... but at the garden!" Yoshimi assured Rika as Dark led a blushing Rika out of the school hall and to the fountain.

Dark stood against the small fountain as he stared at Rika, "You... You look lovely tonight...!"
Rika looked down; her fringes hiding her eyes and her blush, "A-Arigatou..."
Dark smiled before holding up her chin, "Rika-"
"Don't flatter me anymore, Dark!" Rika cried, "What do you think you're doing...?! You love Yoshimi, don't you? What are you doing?! Trying to make me fall for you and two-time Yoshimi?! No way-"

Warm lips landed on hers as Rika gasped. His hand gently holding Rika's face up to his as he gently kissed her. Rika was shocked as she stared at Dark before feeling a wave of warm breath brushing against her lips,

"D-D-Dark..." her breath was short as she stared at him, "What...?"
"I love you... and only you..." Dark spoke before holding Rika up and passionately kissed her as he poured all his hidden emotions into that one kiss.

Unknown to the two, Yoshimi was peeking over a bench as she gaped at the sight before her. Feeling anger rising up but also a feeling of relief washed over her anger. Yoshimi felt her heart crashing bit by bit,

"I really thought he loved me..." Yoshimi whispered as she sobbed silently.
"... I do..." a deep and husky voice rung in her ears behind her as her eyes widened; standing up and not turning around.
"Y-Yami...?" Yoshimi whispered before feeling a strong but warm arms wrapping themselves around her slender body, "Y-Yami...?"
"Don't speak... Just stay here in my arms..." Yami spoke; his eyes closed as he rested his head on Yoshimi's shoulder, "Don't go away..."
Yoshimi felt tears forming in her eyes as she placed her hand gently on his arms, "I'm not..."

Yami then turned her head with two gentle fingers and softly kissed her lips. Yoshimi didn't hesitate to kiss him back as she cupped his cheek with her free hand. Soon, they pulled apart as Yoshimi stared into Yami's violet eyes before turning her body and pressed her lips to his.

Love has its ways of coming around
You just need to find them
And the patience
For Love will come in many ways...


^___^ how was that, Rika-chan?!?! Was it good?! Was it bad!?!?! X.x mouu...

Ja ne!

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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Ohayou minna-san!! *bows bows* Anyways, this is the part II of my little ficcy!


Her heart was deeply shattered; her mind ceased to imagine warmth and love; her body ached everywhere as her tears flowing endlessly down her aqua coloured eyes. Murasaki sat quietly beside her on her bed as she stroked her sister's honey coloured hair; both of them engulfed by silence as the winds irregularly breezed through her window.

"Listen... Nee-chan..." Murasaki whispered, "You can't stay here and sulk at the problem... You've got to tell me... or Onii-chan... anybody! Just don't keep it to yourself... it'll not go away..."


Murasaki sighed before kissing softly on Yoshimi's tear-streaked cheek as she stood up from the bed and walked out slowly from the young one's room. Yoshimi sobbed harder; not bothered to wipe them away for they will fall eventually as she stared at her window. She then tossed to the other side; feeling something resting on her wrist as she brought her arm up,

the bracelet...

She then recalled what the red haired man said (OOC: HAPPPY?!?!), "I see you liked that bracelet i gave you..."

Yoshimi felt tears forming up in her eyes as they fell again; she can't stop feeling the dreaded betrayal towards herself and Shingo. She couldn't stop feeling depressed and hurt by her own self and her own emotions. But... Shingo has never made her feel what she felt when she was around... him...

Yoshimi cried again as she dropped her arm to the soft bed before feeling sleep crawling up to her.


He was aching in pain... unusual and unexpected pain as he tossed and turned on his bed. Tears were unexpectedly falling from his violet eyes as he stiffled a cry. He knew what was going on but he was willing to feel what... feel what she feels...

He tried to open his eyes as he held his chest, "The bracelet..." he winced, "She's crying... She's crying in pain..."

And with that he fell into deep sleep as the last of his tears fell that night...


Morning rose but today... today was the gloomest he has seen as Kouji looked out the window. He brushed away his dark-brown fringes as he looked out the window again; the clouds seemed to be in a darker shade and the birds were never heard to sing their lovely song.

Kouji winced as he dashed towards his loving sister's room; knocking it softly, "Y-Yoshi-chan... c-c-can you open the door...?"


Kouji frowned as he let himself in to a depressing sight; her sister lay asleep in her favourite blue gown that was crumpled. Her hair was astray and her face seemed dirty with dried tears. Kouji shook his head as he sat down on her bed and ran his hand through her hair,

"What happened to you..." Kouji whispered as he brought her up to his chest and hugged her tight, "Yoshi-chan..."

After a few hours, Yoshimi was up and helpful around the house as she helped her mother clear up the dishes and helped her father with some paperwork. Her family was happy she wasn't sulking in her room but now... she wasn't smiling at any of them when she woke up from her sleep. Kouji couldn't help but stare at his sister but everytime he did... his sister would always assure him that she was alright and that her family shouldn't be worried about her well-being for she will heal sooner or later.

Yoshimi sighed with relief at the work she has put on to help out with her family. She thought that... maybe if she work on something else... she would lay off from the problems she faced yesterday night. At that thought, she looked down to her feet; her fringes hiding her eyes.

"Minna... After i change... I'd like to go somewhere... maybe the park..." she paused, "I'll be back as soon as possible..." she gave a weak smile as her family nodded slowly.

Kouji was about to protest but her mother held him back, "Let her be... she doesn't want us to help yet..."

Kouji tried to defend but his mother was right... maybe Yoshimi needed her space and time alone.

Yoshimi soon came down the stairs in her casual wear; a soft peach tank top with red strips crossing her tank top and a white knee-length skirt. Yoshimi's hair was let down with a small flower shaped clipped up to her hair; allowing few fringes to fall softly on her face. Her mother smiled before giving Yoshimi a small kiss to her forehead,

"If you need anything..." she paused as she smiled, "You know who to ask of it...!"

Yoshimi smiled weakly as she nodded before walking out of the house. Tucking her feet in her shoes, she walked out without a bounce to her footsteps.


The red haired man changed into his black tank top and black leather pants as he clipped on his black choker and wristband. He grabbed his leather jacket and slid inside it before running down the steps to the door as he locked it and walked briskly towards the park.



She continued walking; passing by confused neighbours and the usual people she woudl pass by and smile brightly at. Even her friends she passed by, she wouldn't even turn her head to them as she walked and walked towards the biggest park in her neighbourhood.

She passed by shophouses and tall buildings as finally stepped inside the park. The park was filled with such warmth that even the most beautiful gardens couldn't match up to the warmth of the park. She smiled but didn't reach her eyes as she walked around the fountain that stood in the middle of the park. Though the fountain took her attention, there's one particular place she'd love to view and feel... the secret garden she found with Shingo...

She turned around; checking that nobody else would find her and finding the place as she silently walked through the tall bushes. She pushed a few tall leaves and branches as she finally smiled brightly at the lovely sight. All the flowers she and Shingo planted were growing beautifully as the mixed scent of fauna aroma lingered up to her nose. She kneeled down to the lilies and the morning glories as she smelled their aroma-

"Finally... I found you..." a soft but deep voice rung in her ears as Yoshimi stood up; not turning around to the source,
"What're you doing here...?" she spoke; trying to be angry as ever but she couldnt'.
He slipped off his leather jacket and threw it to the lushious grass beside him, "To see you..." he spoke huskily before walking towards her and wrapped his masculine arms around the shaking girl, "You look lovely-"
"Don't flatter me with empty words that don't mean a thing...!" Yoshimi spoke her hardest, "Why are you stalking me...?" she forgot about his arms... it seemed to natural for her as she waited for his reply.

The man looked at the side of her face before wrapping his arms around her even tighter but gentlier; the scent of her hair tickling his nose, "I wasn't stalking you to start of with..." he paused before brushing his warm lips to her soft cheek, "I'm here to talk to you..."
Yoshimi shuddered at his warm touch but didn't pull her face away, "What do you want to talk about?" her harsh tone coming up to her, "You've already destroyed my relationship with the one i loved, okay?! You don't know what it's like! You don't know what i feel!"
The man winced before shifting his body as he stood in front of her; his forehead resting on hers softly, "I didn't destroy any relationship of some sort for it wasn't to start of with..." he paused, "Was he really the one you loved...?"


His nose brushing against hers as his fingers played with hers, "I know what you feel..." he paused, "I know exactly how you feel... even right now..."
Yoshimi's eyes widened and before she could even push him away from her...

... his lips landed on hers as he held her up with his arms around her. Yoshimi stared hard at him before surrendering to the dreaded feel as her hands cupped his warm face gently. She kissed him back as he poured more and more love to her body; healing her heart bit by bit.

You feel loved... I too feel loved... came a quiet voice in her mind as they pulled apart breathlessly.

Yoshimi wrapped her arms around the man's body; her tears silently fell from her eyes, "You feel pain..." he spoke softly as he hugged her back, "The bracelet i gave you allows me to know what you feel... You feel pain and i would feel the same..."
Yoshimi sniffled as she hugged him tighter, "I'm sorry..."
The man shook his head as he leaned his face closer to hers, "It's not your fault..."
Yoshimi's body shook as the man hugged her tighter, "The name's Yami if you're wondering, Yoshimi..." he paused as he held her before kneeling down to his jacket and slipped it on her shoulders, "This will keep you warm..."

Yoshimi nodded as she sobbed; Yami didn't hesitate to wipe her tears away softly, "Don't feel betrayed... Shingo didn't treat you the way you wanted to feel..."
Yoshimi looked up before turning her head away, "Why shouldn't i feel betrayed... Shingo was the nicest man i met... I have betrayed him... betrayed my family..." she paused, "And my heart..."
Yami turned her head to face him with two gentle fingers to her chin, "Tell him what you really feel..." he paused, "I'll wait... even if it takes a thousand years...!"

Yoshimi stared into his warm violet eyes before blinking back a wave of tears as she smiled warmly, "A-A-Arigatou..."

Yami smiled before her out of the park as the girls surrounding the park swooned at Yami's handsome and drop-dead-gorgeous looks. Yoshimi chuckled at the girls as Yami smiled before wrapping an arm around the petite girl. Both of them walked out of the park as they chuckled lightly at Yami's jokes. Yoshimi was becoming her old self bit by bit and everytime Yami would make her blush crimson with his husky voice.

As they finally stood in front of Yoshimi's household, Yami looked up to the grand house before smiling down to Yoshimi, "Nice place...!"
Yoshimi smiled, "Thanks..."

Yami chuckled as he leaned in slowly; Yoshimi smiled warmly before pressing her lips to his gentle ones. Yami chuckled inwardly at Yoshimi's behaviour as he pressed his to hers. That small kiss has changed everything to Yoshimi; just that soft kiss felt mind-blowing and magical as her tongue explored his mouth. They pulled apart breathlessly before giving each other another gentle peck to each other's lips.

"Bye, love..." Yami whispered to Yoshimi's ear, "See you at school..."
Yoshimi giggled lightly as Yami pulled away, "You're in the private school...?"
Yami nodded as Yoshimi smiled before slidding off his leather jacket, "Thanks..."
Yami shook his head, "No... You keep it..." he paused, "Ja...!"

Yoshimi smiled warmly at Yami's disappearing figure as she hugged the jacket; his scent and hers were mixed on his jacket as she smelled it deeply, "Ahh..." she paused, "Bishounens..." she giggled before walking inside the house as she kicked off her shoes, "Tadaima!!"


Yami was walking down the street when he suddenly felt the sun shining warmly above him and the scenery surrounding him hugged him gently with the happiness it build up within seconds. Yami raised an eyebrow before laughing inwardly,

"She's back to her old self..."


Part III coming soon

P.S: ^__^ how was that?!? It may be short and lame but i dunno! Do tag your comments to my shoutbox! No flames of any sort!! Shankkyuuu ^___^v

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Friday, April 16, 2004

Ohayou minna-san!! *bows bows* Me updating finally for my bloggie after some days past without question! >_< I have been having rehearsals for my up and coming Speech and Prize-giving ceremony today!! T___T it was a stressful week for me and tomodachi!!! I have been sleeping late and yesterday i slept at 11 and woke up at 6:20.. -.-

Anyways, yesterday was a little cranky because of the heat and about my english teacher. She was nagging and scolding for laughing with the guys of my class who were making jokes that were soooooo damn funny!! Can't help it okay!! >_< and my guyfriends were to stand for 1 hour.... T___T poor them... then came humanities lesson where the room was filled with cool air that was freezing me from head to toe!!! >__< as usual, Rika-chan wasn't feeling a thing and she was cranky too then because of the time of the month. ^^;;;;; i havent had it yet... i hope i get it at home... ^^V

and then my practical arrived and we cooked soooo slow!! it was tideous!!! we used white chocolate and dark chocolate for our meals but ended up as lovely and delicious. Then my ex-stead sent me home which made my heart thump and felt like screaming for help!!! >_< i was nervous for the whole day because of this!!

I have been going home with my guyfriends whom are even younger than me and i can not even feel nervous around them!!! T____T mou...

But it was nice... someone to talk to... though that person loved you sooo much you can't feel your legs...

Ja ne!!

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Friday, April 09, 2004

Ficcy time!


Morning rose as the birds chirped happily in their morning song. Rays of sunlight shone through the baby blue curtains and the window... onto soft, lightly-tanned skin of a 16 year old teenager. Lying on her blue bed; she continued to toss around in utter annoyance for today was THE day. The 10th day of dating with the most hottest boy in her public school, Tsukishiro Shingo.

The girl hardly slept properly; eager to imagine the night in her mind but all she could think of - or so to say picture; was a mist of violet amongst her dreams. These violet mists has always been in her dreams and eventhough she couldn't tell why; she felt warm within the mist and made her feel whole. The girl winced and finally she opened her eyes slowly; revealing her oceanic eyes gleaming with happiness that held a hint of child-like emotions in them.

The girl blinked and rubbed her eyes before surrendering to a long yawn; her hair was astray and her clothes were as crumpled as ever. She stood up from her bed and cleaned up her bed before dragging herself towards her bathroom. Giving her body a cool shower she went through her daily routine. Combing her hair and tying them into a bun she slipped on her baby blue tank top and her navy blue knee-length high skirt. She then walked out and down the steps to the kitchen; filled with her smiling family.

Uehara Yoshimi smiled at her family of a father, a mother, an older brother and sister. She loved them as much as she loved her friends.

"Ohayou minna!" Yoshimi smiled.

She took a seat on the dining table and helped herself with some omeletes her mother made for the family. Her family replied to her in their respective tones as they helped themselves as well. Uehara Kouji, her older brother was eyeing her with both a worried look and an irritated one because of the event happening today. Uehara Murasaki was in her bouncy mood as usual while her parents are as usual. Yoshimi has never felt happy but there's this deep feeling that something special might happen and that she might have to make a hard choice tonight.

At that thought, Yoshim paused her munching and held her fork loosely between ther fingers. Her parents and Murasaki were busy chatting about the weekends while Kouji was staring at her with question,

"Yoshi-chan... doshimashitaka?" his voice silenced the loud chatter as all eyes were on the young one.
Yoshimi was zoned out as she felt heat waves coming towards her before looking up; her eyes widened at the sudden stares she received, "Nani?"
Kouji sighed, "Something the matter?"
Yoshimi sweatdropped, "Nandemo... Nandemo nai yo..." she smiled before continuing to munch on her omelete in an unusual pace.

Soon, the whole table was cleared as the dishes were being washed by a humming Murasaki and a smiling mother. Yoshimi told her family that she'll be at the frontyard as she walked out. Kouji silently followed before sitting down beside her,

"Tell me what's wrong..."
His voice shocked her off her feet as Yoshimi yelped, "N-Nani?"
Kouji growled, "Don't tell me there's nothing wrong! Tell me!"
Yoshimi sighed, "I don't know what's wrong..." she paused, "I have been having dreams with purple- almost violet mists within them! I can't distinguish the reason for them to be floating around me but all i felt was happiness and i felt whole then!"
Kouji raised an eyebrow, "Get to the point..."
Yoshimi frowned and turned to him, "I'm having a bad feeling that i have to make a hard decision tonight..."
Kouji furrowed his eyebrows, "What decision?" he paused, "Are you two-timing that Shingo guy?"
"NO WAY!" Yoshimi shouted, "Please, Onii-chan! Like i would seriously do that to Shingo-kun?!"
"What makes you think you wouldn't?" Kouji smirked.
Yoshimi gaped at him, "You know what?! Telling you about this doesn't help a single bit!" she frowned and turned her head away from her brother.

Kouji sighed before placing a cool hand on her shoulder, "No, really... If you ever had to make a decision that pressurized you a whole lot..." he paused as Yoshimi glanced over to him, "Always decide with the best intentions and put your heart to deciding it. If you don't put your heart to it, you might make the wrong decision and you'll end up regretting for the rest of your life..."
Yoshimi turned her head and gave a look of disbelief, "Onii-chan..." she was breathless; she didn't realise her brother could be Confucious the II but she sure was relieved that he was there to guide her.
"Just don't go out with that Shingo guy again, will you? Dump him and find some other guys out there!" Kouji gave a rowdy laugh as Yoshimi anime dropped to the ground.

= 6:30 p.m =

Yoshimi was adjusting her light blue sleeveless dress as it hugged her body; forming her curves. Her hair was let down to her waist with small diamonds clipped to her hair as her fringes framed her smooth face. Murasaki was bouncing with joy at her beauty and her hopes of having Shingo as her younger brother-in-law after 10 years to come (-.-'''). Yoshimi couldn't help but feel both giggly and nervous for tonight as she adjusted her dress some more. Her white gold bracelet hung loosely by her wrist; something she was mysteriously accepting it since she received an odd package in her mailbow one day.

She didn't bother to find out who sent it to her but all she knew was that she might find that person soon enough. Hey! Maybe it was Shingo who sent it to her; or maybe someone else...

Yoshimi checked her room clock and panicked; it's almost 7 and she is still getting herself dressed as her sister bragged on and on about her shockingly perfect love life. A soft knock was heard on her room door as Yoshimi shouted; her sister was putting some more diamonds to her hair,

"It's me..." Kouji's voice pierced through the door, "Shingo's here..."
Yoshimi's eyes widened as she grab her small blue purse and gave her sister a kiss to her cheek; leaving a small red mark to it, "Arigatou, Onee-chan!"

She walked briskly to her door and took a deep breath before slowly going down the steps; keeping her composure in check and smiling her brightest. Finally reaching the living room, she almost melted at the sight before her. Shingo was in his smart navy blue dress shirt and black cargo pants to match. Shingo looked as handsome as he was; giving Yoshimi his charming smile,

"Hey beautiful...!" he spoke in his husky tone.
Yoshimi blushed as she walked toward him, "Hey handsome..." she smiled before adjusting his hair, "You're in a mess..." she giggled as she felt her hand being brought up to warm lips.
Shingo held her hand gently and even so; kissed her hand even gentlier as he smiled, "Drove in without the hood up..."

Yoshimi blushed wildly before hooking her arms with him as she walked out; waving goodbye to her sister and her brother as she mouthed out, "Thank you!"

= Midnight Star 7:15 p.m =

Yoshimi was astonished at the decorations, streamers and the fountain in the middle of the huge restaurant. She didn't imagine this restaurant but all she saw was a beauty beyond beauty. Shingo just chuckled at his date before intertwining his fingers to hers and leading her to their table,

"Beside the window!" Shingo smiled as he settled Yoshimi to her chair as he sat down on his, "Like the place?"
Yoshimi sighed, "I told you before... I don't want anything fancy, remember?"
Shingo chuckled heartily, "Everything should be fancy for my one and only!" he winked before turning over his menu.

Yoshimi blushed as she did the same; turning her menu over and browsed through the several scrumptious meals the restaurant served. Shingo peeked over his menu and smiled,

"What do you want?"
"Hmm..." her finger to her lips, "Maybe the Special would be nice!" she smiled and looked over to Shingo.
Shingo nodded, "Then Special it is!" he raised his arm up as a waiter arrived.

Halfway through their meal, soft music played in the background as Shingo smiled and stood up. Yoshimi raised an eyebrow as she placed her cup down,

"Nani yo...?"
Shingo grinned and held his hand out, "May i have this dance?"
Yoshimi smiled, "Sure..." and accepted it as she was led to the wide hallway; surrounded with the other couples dancing slowly to the music.

Yoshimi scanned through the many people though her eyes stared at a particular one; a violet haired man clad in a black suit. Yoshimi couldn't get her eyes off him; she couldn't tell why but she felt the need to know his name. Shingo, luckily, didn't notice where Yoshimi's attention was as he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"What do you think about tonight?"
Yoshimi sighed and turned to Shingo, "It's great! I enjoyed every bit!" and glanced over to the violet haired man sitting on a table behind Yoshimi and Shingo's. The man suddenly turned his head toward Yoshimi as Yoshimi yelped silently before tightening her grip on Shingo's hand. Shingo glanced over to Yoshimi,

Yoshimi looked up and smiled weakly, "Hai?"
"Ano... sumimasen..." a silent but husky voice rung in their ears as Yoshimi glanced over, "May i cut in...?"
Shingo raised an eyebrow at Yoshimi, "Yoshimi?"
Yoshimi turned her head to Shingo then to the violet haired man, "I'll be back with you later, okay?"

Shingo sighed and nodded as he walked back to the table. Yoshimi turned to the man as he gave a smile and held her right hand with his left arm wrapped gently around her waist. Yoshimi felt an unusual shock at his gentle touch; her dress swaying at every twirl they made. Both the man and Yoshimi relaxed as they came closer to each other before making another fantastic and romantic twirl between the circle of astounded people.

Yoshimi couldn't help but smile at them and the man before her; his hand trailing on her back and her waist as they danced to the music. Even the musicians tried to give the beat a romantic smoothness for the man and Yoshimi.

"So..." Yoshimi's breath was short, "You came here alone...?"
The man chuckled heartily, "Yeah... but I was looking for somebody..." he paused before wrapping both his arms around the girl's slender waist, "Looking for you... Uehara Yoshimi..."
Yoshimi's eyes widened before trying to wrench her body away from his, "Please... don't go yet..."
"What makes you think I would stay here and allow myself to be touched by someone I hardly know!" she growled; avoiding to make a scene, "Let me go now... or I'll report you to the police after stepping on your foot!"
The man sighed before pointing to the white gold bracelet wrapped loosely around her wrist, "I see you liked that bracelet i gave you..." he looked up and smiled warmly, "It was hard to know your address...!" he laughed.

Yoshimi gaped and dropped her hands from his shoulders before placing them on top of his... warm hands, "Let go of me now... You're a stalker and I hate stalkers..." she paused, "I sure am going to scream if you don't..."
"If I don't do what...?" he spoke softly to her as he pulled her closer to him, "This...?"

Yoshimi couldn't get to swallow what he said but she suddenly felt herself floating on violet clouds. She felt warm movement to her lips before gasping; he was kissing her! Yoshimi tried to wrench herself away again but before she could try even harder, the man pulled her closer and pressed his lips harder to hers.

Yoshimi felt tingly in her body as his lips gently kissed her; his tongue exploring her mouth as Yoshimi's arms hung loosely from her shoulders and his hands going up and down her back. Then, surrendering to the magical feeling, Yoshimi closed her eyes and kissed him back. She was breathtaken and bewildered; why is she doing this? Why is she betraying Shingo? Is that what she want that was hidden deep within her heart or something she expected more from Shingo?

And before she knew it, she was staring into deep and mysterious violet pools, 'Oh no...' she thought to herself.

Shingo on the other hand was on his fourth glass of juice as his eyes never left the sight off Yoshimi and the a****** that was touching his girl. HIS GIRL! His anger was boiling and his blood was way over boiling; he couldn't even think straight! Least of all taste the tenth glass of juice at the moment. He was causing such irritating stares from the people around him but that didn't matter... just the moment where he could really kick the man's ass off his girl!

At the sight in the middle of the crowd almost made him choke on his juice; that A****** is kissing with his girl! HIS GIRL!

He stood up from his seat and shattered the glass between his fingers, "THAT'S IT! YOU HAD ENOUGH TIME WITH HER YOU A******!!!" he stomped his way to the man and Yoshimi as he pushed away the people standing in his path.

He finally reached Yoshimi and saw them staring at each other before pushing the man off his feet; standing in front of Yoshimi with a frown.

'No...' Yoshimi thought in her mind; feeling herself betraying Shingo and herself, 'What happened... what happened...'

I thought I saw a man brought to life
He was warm
He came around like he was dignified
He showed me what it was to cry
Well you couldn't be that man I adored
You don't seem to know
Seem to care what your heart is for
But I don't know him anymore
There's nothing where he used to lie
My conversation has run dry
That's what's going on
Nothing's fine I'm torn

"WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING KISSING MY GIRL?!!?" Shingo shouted at the man as the musicians ceased their music and watched the scene, "HOW DARE YOU TOUCH HER LIKE THAT! SHE DOESN'T KNOW YOU AND YOU DARE DO THAT TO HER?!"
Yoshimi was about to defend but Shingo held her wrist tightly, "You stay away from her... Don't you ever let me see you again in this streets! Ever!"

I'm all out of faith
This is how I feel
I'm cold and I am shamed
Lying naked on the floor
Illusion never changed
Into something real
I'm wide awake
And I can see
The perfect sky is torn
You're a little late
I'm already torn

Shingo then turned around and pulled Yoshimi out off the restaurant. Yoshimi yelped before turning around to the fallen man. She winced and wrenched her wrist from Shingo's painful grip as she ran towards the man and held him up gently,

"D-D-Daijoubu...?" her voice was shakened as she unconsciously brushed away his blonde fringes.
The man winced before opening his eyes and smiled weakly, "Ahh..."
"Ya gatt-"
"What are you doing?!" Shingo's voice boomed in her ears.
Yoshimi frowned as she whipped her head towards Shingo, "What was that for?!"
Shingo raised an eyebrow, "What?!"
"Why did you push him like that?!" Yoshimi growled.
"He KISSED you for goodness sakes! What's wrong with you?!" Shingo gaped.

The crowd surrounded them as they frowned at Shingo. Yoshimi then felt a slight tug to her dress as she looked down,

"It's alright... you can go..." he paused as he tried to stand up; Yoshimi hands on his back and his hand, "I had a great time..."
Yoshimi shook her head, "I can't leave you here like this!" she whispered.
The man smiled, "Daijoubu daiyou...!"

Shingo had enough as he whipped out a jet-black gun. The crowd panicked as they scrambled themselves out of the restaurant; musicians trying to stop Shingo but fellow musicians decided them against it as they ran out as well. He then pointed it at the man's heart, "YOU BEWITCHED HER-"

"YOSHIMI! GO AWAY!" Shingo shouted; the gun pointing right at Yoshimi's head, "GO AWAY!!"

So I guess the fortune teller's right
Should have seen just what was there
And not some holy light
Which crawled beneath my veins
And now I don't care
I had no luck
I don't miss it all that much
There's just so many things
That I can touch I'm torn

"No...!" Yoshimi shouted; her arms holding on to the man tightly as if for dear life, "You're not going to shoot him, Shingo... I won't let you..."

The man was shakened as well; watching the Shingo holding on to the gun cowardly. The violet head didn't know why Yoshimi was protecting him from her own boyfriend but out of instinct; he held her closer to his body as Yoshimi dug her face into his black suit,

"Put the gun down, Sir..." spoke the manager behind Shingo.
"NO! NO! NO!" Shingo shouted; his body was shaking, "I will not until he disappears!"

I'm all out of faith
This is how I feel
I'm cold and I am shamed
Lying naked on the floor
Illusion never changed
Into something real
I'm wide awake
And I can see
The perfect sky is torn
You're a little late
I'm already torn

"Please Shingo..." Yoshimi's voice was muffled by the man's suit, "Put the gun down... If you put the gun down... this will all be over... We can go home, okay?"

Shingo's breath fell short; his mind ceased to think at Yoshimi's voice. His heart seemed to have stopped beating as he slowly pulled back his arm. He then fell to his knees before feeling his hands being held tightly by strong ones behind him,

"Let's go, Mister... you're outta here!" said a huge bouncer of the restaurant as Shingo was led out of the restaurant.
"It's okay, Miss... he's gone..." said the manager with a smile.

The man nodded before holding Yoshimi's face up with two gentle fingers, "Hey... I told you that I'll be fine..." he paused before caressing her cheek, "Why were you protecting me...?"

There's nothing where he used to lie
My inspiration has run dry
That's what's going on
Nothing's right I'm torn

I'm all out of faith
This is how I feel
I'm cold and I am shamed
Lying naked on the floor
Illusion never changed
Into something real
I'm wide awake
And I can see
The perfect sky is torn

Yoshimi shook her head before pressing her lips to his; her tears falling freely from her closed eyes. The man was shocked but didn't hesitate to kiss her back; his arms wrapped around the girl's frame while Yoshimi's arm was playing with his violet hair. Yoshimi didn't know what made her do this but it didn't matter to her...

I'm all out of faith
This is how I feel
I'm cold and I'm ashamed
Bound and broken on the floor
You're a little late
I'm already torn

All she wanted was to have that mysterious feel in her body again and will always be planted in her veins forever. But... is this a matter of betrayal? Something that would shatter Shingo's heart? Does it shatter hers? Will it shatter her familys' heart too? At these thought rushing in her mind, she pulled away slowly. The man stared at her,

"What's the matter...?"
Yoshimi looked up to him before pulling herself away from him gently; notcing him not pulling her back to him, "I have to go-"
"No! Wait!" his hand holding her wrist, "Let me walk you home!"
Yoshimi turned her head; her tears falling from her oceanic eyes as the man stumbled back at the sight of them before pulling her again to him, "Please...?" he wiped away her tears gently.
"No... I have to go..." Yoshimi sobbed, "This is wrong...!"
The man frowned, "No it's not! That man was possesive! He's dangerous! Don't go near him! Be with me! Stay with me!"
Yoshimi shook her head furiously, "No...! I don't want to betray him... i don't want to betray anybody... So, i have to go..." she paused, "Don't make me do this... Please..."

The man winced before loosening his grip on her wrist, "Then take this..." he shoved his hand inside his pocket and took out a silver necklace before placing in on Yoshimi's palm, "Keep this for me... It's a gift i was saving if i meet you again..."
Yoshimi wanted to throw back the necklace but the man's hand closed her hand before kissing it, "Please..."

Yoshimi couldn't do this anymore as she wrenched her hand away from his and dashed out of the restaurant to her house. She felt the cool air breezing against her face as she ran and ran towards her house. As she finally reached the frontyard, her eyes then fell on the sports car that belonged to Shingo as she ran towards it; hoping that Shingo would be waiting for her but her hopes fell at the sight of a small note and the key to the car.

She shook her head in disbelief before shakingly picking up the note and read it out loud, "Yoshimi, I'd like you to keep this car... Since you have found someone better for you... Luv you always..." she paused; tears falling, "Shingo..."

Yoshimi fell to her knees as she cried harder; her heart was fully shattered at this moment. The light suddenly went on and the loud stomps was heard as the front door swung open.

"YOSHIMI!" Kouji's voice rung in her ears as he ran towards her and held her sister up before hugging her tighter than ever, "What happened...?"

Yoshimi couldn't speak; her tears answered it all as she sniffled. Her eyes were red and puffy as Kouji's lavender eyes softened. He led her inside the house as her parents and Murasaki hugged her,

"What happened to you...?" Her mother asked as her father hugged her longer.
"Did that guy hurt you...?" Kouji growled.
"Did Shingo dump you...?" Murasaki growled.

Yoshimi was staring into space; her tears continuing to fall as her family ceased their questioning as Kouji led her up the steps to her room. Murasaki followed them from behind as the three walked inside. Kouji settled Yoshimi to her soft bed before whispering to Murasaki,

"Help her change and ask her some questions..."

Murasaki nodded as Kouji left; hoping that his petite sister would have her bright and cheerful self back by tomorrow... Hoping that she will not sulk even deeper into this problem...


- Part II to be posted up soon -

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