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Word about the G.S collab: Going smoothly! The Strike is about to get shot by the other Mobile Suits. Archangel is in big trouble and Cagalli has been introduced!!!! ^_^

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Ohayou minna-san!!! ^-^ in school today and i'm feeling great!!!!

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Konnichiwa minna-san!!! ^-^ Me and Rika-chan are staying back in school to complete our 'coursework' and also try to type as much for our new collab... DRUM ROLL PLEASE!

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^___^ we're starting out fine where Athrun Zala found himself trapped in the Archangel and Rika-chan was the captain in there and me... well... i just got accidentally kissed by the new heart throb... -.- Kira Yamato.

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Konbanwa minna-san!! ^-^ Got some quizzes from Rika-chan's bloggie!


lucky you! Kira is your best match!!
Kira is your man!

Which Gundam Seed guy is your best match?
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^___^ waiii!!!! ^___^ LUCKY ME!!!

You're Nikoru!

Gundam Seed Character Quiz
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Kira Yamato, age 16. A bit clumsy but incredibly kind
YOU ARE..... : Kira Yamato ! Let's say that you're
shy, clumsy but hey what knows, you're actually
intelligent and superbly kind !!

Kidou Senshi Gundam SEED Character Personality Test !
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Friday, May 21, 2004

Konnichiwa minna-san!! ^-^ Ficcy time for Rika-chan sakes! She was bawling for the ficcy!! XD no no... she didn't really do that... she asked where has my torture dedicated for her has gone to... so i said i had no mood then and i was soooo worked up with The SimCity game!! X_X gomen...

Well, here it is!! If you guys has missed my previous post, the bishies that are involved are... Ozuma and Athrun Zala!!! ^___^

Athrun: x.x why...? *whapped*
Cagalli: >=O why do you love her!! *wails*
Athrun: @_@ i dont!!!

XDD enjoy!!


As the clock hand shifted to 12; the bell rung as it echoed above the quiet and quaint town of Shibuya. The stars floated and twinkled brightly above the two teenagers as their hands intertwined with each others.

"I had a great time..." the orange head whispered as she leaned against his shoulder, "Did you...?"
The red-black haired boy sighed before pulling away from the orange head, "Sorta..."
The orange head raised an eyebrow, "What's wrong?"
The red head ran a hand through his luscious red hair before looking over to the orange head, "Look... I don't think this'll work out! My results are dropping and my parents are getting suspicious about me...!"
The orange head gaped, "What are you saying? Listen to yourself! You sound like an idiot! DO you know what you said was ridiculous?!" she growled, "I can't believe you just said that! You're as intelligent as me in the academics and because of your fake failure to your results... you blamed me for it!? Do you even pay attention to yourself? You have not been studying like you used to and you're the one who has been asking me out! You have the nerve to say that to me, Ozuma! And what's the problem with your parents anyway! It's about us, not them and us!!!"

Ozuma, a 16 year old with red-black hair and green eyes, glared at the orange head, "Oh! So now're you blaming me! My own self about my results!? And how dare you say that about my parents!" Ozuma growled before turning his head, "You know what...? I'm glad i said this... You're nothing but a piece of shit! We're through!" and with that he left her in the cold.

Rika Iori Kimura, a 16 year old with stunning orange hair and lilac eyes, gaped at him before turning on her heels and stomped off to her house... alone and cold. As she grumbled, the stars above her seemed to have stopped glittering and disappeared like diminished gas in the galaxy. She sighed,

"What did i do wrong!?!" she growled before keeping a tin can, "This is bullshit! I can handle this myself! I don't need anybody to comfort me or be by my side when i need help! I DON'T NEED ANYBODY!" she screamed her pain.
"DAMNIT! WILL YOU JUST SHUT UP ALREADY?! WE'RE TRYING TO SLEEP HERE NOT LISTEN TO YOUR OH-SO-DREADFUL LIFE!!" said a rowdy neighbour as he shut the windows and turned the lights off.

Rika cursed before stomping towards her house as she kicked off her shoes grumpily. Going up the stairs, she walked inside her room and slammed her door closed.

Her pain unknown to the world as she shunned herself from society...

The next day was a pain to the orange head as she glared at everybody who gave her their brightest smiles. She was trying to make people feel her anger and not to let them have the slightest idea that she was hurt about yesterday. Much to her anger, none of them even knew about Ozuma and herself going out.

She would shove people from standing in her way as she stomped towards her class at the end of the blocks of classes. Teachers would pass by her with a smile but she would ignore them and gave them her deadliest glare; she wasn't a fan of the teachers in the private school.

When she finally arrived in her class; everybody was either whispering about her or just plain hanging around the class and the corridors. Soon, one of the girls approached her with a shaking smile,

"Ano... Kimura-san..." the girl smiled lightly.
Rika whipped her head around and glared, "What?!"
The girl gulped, "We heard about urhm... you and Ozuma just broke up... Is it true?"
Rika raised an eyebrow, "So? What's my problem to you?"
The girl sighed, "I was feeling a little bad about you... being dumped by that bastard and made your world crash on your shoulders without anybody knowing about it except yourself!"
Rika growled before grabbing the girl by her wrist and slowly twisting it, "Don't you dare feel bad about me cause i don't feel the slightest rejection about what he did to me! My problems are none of big bloody business so buzz off!" she shouted before releasing her grip and swung her hand towards the girl; missing inches on impact to her soft cheek.

"Rika Iori Kimura! Come out here and explain yourself!" a tall teacher called her.
Rika raised an eyebrow before continuing to crack her knuckles; ignoring the teacher, "Why should i explain myself? I have nothing to explain!"
"Rika! You get your butt here or you'll face detention right now!" the teacher shouted as the girls laughed at her.
"Why not? It's bad enough that i have to come to this shitty school anyway!" she growled and the next thing she knew; she was cooped up in a non-airconditioned room with blinds by the windows, "Yay..."

After long hours of boredom; the last school bell rang and Rika was about to run for it when she heard a soft knock to the wooden door as Rika whipped her head around and glared at it,

"WHAT?!" she shouted as the door creaked open to reveal...
"Shh... it's me..." the boy whispered as he shut the door slowly before approaching the shaking girl, "What happened to you...?"
Her anger seemed to have been diminished just by hearing his mellow voice, "Athrun..."
He smiled as he kneeled down and gently pushed a few locks of orange hair covering her lilac eyes, "What happened? Was the date alright yesterday?"
Rika closed her eyes at his gentle impact before jolting her eyes open as she peered into his sea-green eyes, "Nothing..." she spoke quickly before turning her face away from him, "Nothing..."
Athrun's shoulders drooped as he pulled his hand back and turned his head to the side, "Look, Rika... you've got to tell me what happened! I've been worried about you since yesterday!"

Rika whipped her head around and raised an eyebrow at him, 'He was worried about me...?'
Athrun caught her attention as he sighed, "After watching you during school... it made me wonder so much about you... the date yesterday with that oh-so-groovy of a bastard... and why you were acting so much like a-"
"Bitch?" Rika grinned before throwing her bag to the other side of the room, "Why were you so worried about me?"
Athrun's eyes widened, 'Did i say that...?! Damnit!!'
Rika grinned before chuckling lightly at him, "You're so paranoid, Athrun-san! I'm fine!"
Athrun gave a small smile before sighing and held Rika's gentle hands, "Rika... I told you not to go out with him but you're so stubborn! See what you've gotten into?! And your acting is turning from bad to worst!"
Rika stared down to his hands then up to his face, "I'm not acting! I'm me!" she growled before pulling her hands away from his warm grasp.
Athrun's eyes softened before cupping her face with his hand, "You're not who you think you are... You're a lovely girl if you open up to the society!"

Rika felt herself drown into his sea-green eyes as his fingers caressed her cheek. Somehow or rather, she felt warm around him which was unusual because she has always been his close friend and never felt this way for him before except for today. Maybe her real feelings were for Athrun... not for Ozuma after all.

"Athrun..." Rika whispered.
Athrun smiled; gesturing her to continue, "Why are you acting this way towards me...?" Rika questioned softly.
"I care for you, Rika... I care for you so deeply as if you're my own little sister!" Athrun spoke huskily, "But after what i heard from the rest about what Ozuma did to you... I realised how much I love you..."

Rika's eyes widened as she watch Athrun slowly leaning closer to her. Her heart seemed to pound hard against her chest as she stared at him continuing to lean closer to her. Suddenly, she leaned in and locked her lips to his without question.

All she needed was someone to hold her up and be her foundation. All she wanted was true support and love from everybody and the proper understanding of others... and herself.

- The End -


^^;; i dunnu if that was alright, Rika-chan! I hope you liked it... i think it was alright, right?

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-_- anyways, hope you did!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Konnichiwa minna-san!! Updating my bloggie through my own school's virus-free computer!! ^__^ *bounce bounce on bean bag*

Anyways, I have won a nice torture moment for Rika-chan though she gets to torture me twice. T____T I'll be typing a ficcy for her between Athrun Zala from Gundam Seed and Ozuma from Beyblade V-Force (correct?)

^__^ I can't wait to start it!!! T___T and to read her part of the deal sicne she won two out of three papers... *wails*

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Saturday, May 15, 2004

Konnichiwa minna-san!!! ^_^ Ficcy time!!!

Dunnu about the couplings in here but i hope y'all like it!! ^^v


Silence engulfed the visitors within the white walls of the Seijuu Hospital. Birds were heard but faintly as soft sobs were heard from all the rooms. Sunshine did shone above the building but that didn't help much for a honey-haired girl as she stood by her bed-ridden brother.

16 year old Uehara Yoshimi just watched her brother solemnly; her eyes ceased to gleam its childish happiness in them eversince her brother got into an accident nearby her school. She just celebrated her birthday last week and her brother has to be in an accident that could've killed him.

26 year old Uehara Kouji just laid on his soft but warm bed with oxygen mask to his face and machines surrounding him in the quiet and quaint room. He has been in a coma after the surgery to repair his torn tissues and wounds. His injuries were not only fatal but suffocating; he has broken ribs due to the collision of the motorcycle and the truck.

Yoshimi wasn't crying then but her eyes seemed sad and lost; her brother has always been there for him and she'll pay all his help back by being there for him. She wanted to cry out her pain but her tears were diminished; her thoughts of the annual prom or her teachers and homework were long forgotten.

"Hey... how long have you been in here?" the soft voice of her close friend, 16 year old Rika Iori Kimura, "Your parents are kindda worried about you..."
Yoshimi forcefully wiped the forming tears away as she whipped her head around and smiled weakly, "I'm fine... they're downstairs?"
Rika nodded, "Come... i'll accompany you there..."

Yoshimi nodded before taking a last look to her brother before walking off with Rika. When she got to the lobby, her relatives were chattering softly amongst themselves thought within the crowd stood someone with jet-black hair,

"Ukiya-san...?" her breath was short as her heart seemed to skip a beat, "What're you doing here...?"
Rika smiled, "I told him about your brother... he came here as soon as he heard!"
Yoshimi smiled, "No kidding..." she paused before giving Shun Ukiya a bow, "Arigatou-"
"It's alright! There's no need for you to bow at me!" Ukiya gave her his charming smile before the both of them heard a cough behind them as Yoshimi tilted her head while Ukiya winced and did the same.
"Forgetting about me already, Uehara-san...?" his husky voice melted her heart at an instant.
Yoshimi's eyes finally brightened as she rushed towards the red-haired man and leapt up to him; giving him an affectionate hug, "Atemu-kun! It's so great to see you here!!" she spoke.
Atemu smiled warmly before hugging the girl back, "Finally you smiled... you haven't been smiling since!" he spoke to her ear as they pulled back, "How's your brother...?"
Yoshimi forced a smile as she looked up to him, "He's doing fine..."

Soon, all of them settled down at a cafeteria as they bought their meals. Yoshimi, Rika, Atemu and Ukiya sat down together as they brought their meals to the table. Her family couldn't help but smile at their young daughter; especially Yoshimi's older sister, 18 year old Uehara Murasaki. She couldn't help but giggle,

"Ano... Okaa-san... that boy with red hair and blonde fringes... he's kindda cute for Nee-chan... don't you think...?" she squeaked as she nibbled to her fries.
Uehara Keiko smiled, "Eat... not matchmake!"

After their meal, Yoshimi's relatives departed as it was getting late. Rika too went home since Rika's mother decided to bring her out for dinner. The sun began to set against the horizon as orange-red rays wafted above them. Yoshimi smiled as she walked out to the garden; Ukiya following quietly behind her while Atemu chatted with Murasaki, also glancing over to Yoshimi and Ukiya.

"It's beautiful... isn't it?" he spoke huskily as he approached her.
Yoshimi nodded, "If only Onii-chan's able to see this...! He'd love it!" she paused, "Bet it'll make him better!" she spoke sheepishly as Ukiya turned his head.
"Ano... Yoshimi... the annual prom is coming up... have been asked out yet?" he spoke with hope in his eyes.
Yoshimi turned her head; her smile plastered to her face, "Nope... not yet! I'm kindda busy with homework... home..." she paused, "You?"
"Well... I was hoping if I could ask the girl instead of the girl asking me!" he chuckled, "So... May I ask you out for the annual prom this saturday?"
Yoshimi's eyes softened, "I'd say yes... but I have to be there for Onii-chan since he'll be assumed to be awake then... I promise him that I'll be the first person he'll se when he wakes up!"
Ukiya's shoulders drooped, "Oh... I see..."
Yoshimi smiled before holding Ukiya's hand, "Next time... I'll be grateful to be your date!" she winked before hearing someone clearing his throat as she turned around, "Atemu-kun!"
Atemu smiled before glancing over to Ukiya, "It's time to go!"

Yoshimi nodded as she pulled Ukiya out of the garden and to the carpark where her parents stood by their family car. Ukiya refused for a ride by her father so he took a taxi back to his place. Yoshimi couldn't help but feel that he was hurt by what she said. Putting that thought aside, she slid into the car while Atemu did the same on the opposite side.

"What were you two sweet-talking about just now...?" his voice all brotherly as her father drove out of the carpark.
Yoshimi gave Atemu a sheepish smile, "Mou... Atemu-onii-chan..." she made a puppy-dog look as Atemu blushed, "Why are you so protective of me!!" she wailed cutely as her family laughed gently.
Atemu was blushing; his face was as red as a tomato as he sighed in defeat, "No really... what were you two talking abotu back at the park?"
Murasaki, sitting behind the two had her ears perked up, "Well... he asked me to the school's prom..." she paused as Atemu whipped his head around; his eyes revealing hope within them as he grabbed the car seat between his fingers, "But i refused..."

Loud and long sighs were heard in the car as Yoshimi raised an eyebrow before turning to Atemu, "The doctors told me that Onii-chan will be waking up maybe this Saturday so i thought i should be there for him so that I'll be the first one he'll see when he wakes up!"
Atemu was stumbled back as he was lost for words, "That's very sweet of you, Yoshi-chan but don't you think you have been in the hospital for too long? The nurses might have recognised you by heart!" her mother softly chuckled.
"I have to agree with your mother, Yoshimi... you've been glued to your brother for too many times! If this keeps up, your studies might drop and we don't want that now do we?" her father spoke in his deep tone as his glasses gleamed intelligently.

Yoshimi sunk deeper to her car seat as she tried to voice out her defence but her parents' advices never crossed her limits of helping someone close, "H-Hai..."

Atemu sighed deeply before turning his attention to the buzzing vision outside the car window. He has always been there for Yoshimi and he has always treated her like a younger sister and she has always treated Atemu like her second older brother. Both of them were close since their first year in High School; almost everybody thought they were going out... but Atemu wished it was true.

"Alright! We're here! It's nice meeting you Atemu-kun." Yoshimi's father spoke with a smile.
"I forgot to take something from Atemu-kun..." Yoshimi spoke silently.
Atemu raised an eyebrow, "You do...?"

Yoshimi nodded furiously before pushing Atemu out of the car, "Did you leave something at my place...?"
Yoshimi sighed before pushing Atemu to his front door, "Look... Are you mad at me?"
"For what?" Atemu spoke.
"For not going to the School Prom when I'm supposed to...?" Yoshimi looked down to her feet.
"No I'm not angry at you for that! I'm not angry at you!" Atemu smiled before holding her chin up gently, "I'm angry at Shun..."
Yoshimi's eyes softened, "Nande?" his fingers slowly trailed off her chin, "Atemu-kun...?"

Atemu looked down; his blonde fringes hiding his darkened violet eyes before turning his head, "Your family's waiting for you..."

Yoshimi looked down at him before pulling him into an affectionate hug. Then, turning on her heels she ran to the car before her father immediately drove off to the other side of the neighbourhood. Atemu was shaking; shaking with utter frustration as he kicked the shoe rack by the wall,


In the car, everybody was silent; eager to know what Yoshimi and Atemu talked about. Murasaki was itching to know what they were talking about while Yoshimi's parents were worried about her as they watched Yoshimi looking blankly out of the car window.

= Saturday Night =

Yoshimi was watching her brother again; lying on the bed as his breath was shallow but stable. Yoshimi couldn't refuse to leave her brother in a manner that he couldn't handle on his own and that reason, her parents did object of it.

Yoshimi didn't feel regret about not attending the Prom but also feel bad that he drop the offer by Ukiya; someone she really adored since her first year.


Yoshimi whipped her head around and smiled, "Ukiya-san..."
Ukiya gave her his charming smile, "Daijoubu?"
Yoshimi nodded before turning her head back to her brother, "He's slowly recovering... but he might be sleeping through this night..." she paused before looking down, "I guess I got my hopes too high... sorry for turning down your offer..."
Ukiya's shoulders drooped before approaching her slowly as he wrapped his arms around the petite girl, "It's going to be alright... you brother will recover sooner than you and your family expects!" he smiled.

Yoshimi was blushing furiously as she continued to stare at her brother's chest going up and down. His mouth opening and closing slowly, 'Onii-chan...'
"Ukiya-san..." she spoke softly before feeling herself being turned around as she felt herself slowly melting between his arms, "Uki-"

His finger landed gently on her lips as Yoshimi shut her mouth; his grey eyes piercing through her aqua ones. Slowly and gently, he leaned in and kissed her warm lips. Yoshimi gasped; feeling his hands making circles on her back as she felt herself shudder but suddenly surrendering to the feel. Her eyes closed slowly as she kissed him back.

Unbeknownst to the two, a pair of aqua coloured eyes and a pair of violet ones were watching them with a hint of anger in them. Kouji was slowly waking up when he saw honey hair and jet-black hair as he blinked and turned his head to find that his sister is kissing a guy. He was about to shout at her when he suddenly felt his head fall into deep darkness as his eyes shut itself slowly.

Soon, both of them pulled apart as Yoshimi fluttered her eyes open. Ukiya was giving her his charming smile again before leaning in and closing the air space between them once more; Yoshimi didn't resist.

Atemu was about to come inside the room when he saw two figures close together as he squinted his eyes to find that Yoshimi was kissing Ukiya... or maybe Ukiya was the one who kissed her...

He couldn't help but feel angry at Ukiya but also-

"Mou... where is my koibito?!" a squeaky voice screeched in his ears as Atemu whipped his head around and growled, "Atemu-san?"
Atemu growled, "Ikusawa-san... what in the world are you doing here? Do you have any idea that your shouting might irritate the patients in here?!" he walked up to her, "Are you looking for someone?"
16 year old Ikusawa Ruriko smiled brightly before leaping up to Atemu, "Gomen ne!" she squeaked again, "Oh yeh... I was actually looking for my Koibito!" she leapt off him.
Atemu knew that he was growing deaf as he calmed his anger a knotch down, "Who are you talking about?"

Ruriko was prancing along the corridors as she peeked through all the doors she passed by until finally she found the door she was looking for, "KOI-"
Atemu's eyes widened as he dashed towards her, "You can't be..."
Ruriko felt herself freeze in her steps; the sight upon her was enough to kill her, "No... This can't be happening..."

At the sounds of a familiar voice, Ukiya pulled apart immediately and whipped his head around, "Ruriko-chan! What are you doing here?"
Ruriko had tears in her eyes as she walked inside, "What am I doing here? What are YOU doing smooching with her?!" she pointed her finger to Yoshimi.
Atemu stared at Yoshimi's sleeping brother and Yoshimi, "Look... i think we better do this outside the room-"
"Look, Ruriko... you don't understand!" Ukiya stuttered.
"I don't understand what?! You just told me that you had no interest whatsoever on her! You just called her a B**** in front of me and my friends just now at the lobby!" Ruriko argued; tears falling slowly down her eyes, "Remember? You told me and the rest to wait at the lobby after you settle something with her!"
Yoshimi stumbled back; her heart felt like it was crashing and torn into milions of pieces, "Oh my dear Ruriko! You misunderstood me! I meant-"
"KISAMA!!!" Atemu shouted before pushing Ukiya and pinned him to a wall; his fist in the air, "HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT ABOUT HER! YOU HAD THE NERVE TO CHEAT ON HER, SHUN!"

Yoshimi was in pain; she couldn't even think about her surroundings. All she heard was sobbing from Ruriko and Atemu's yelling. Yoshimi winced before facing them,

"Are you blind?! My brother is in a coma. He's not waking up and all you can do is fight?! You have no concern over my brother's recovery?!" Yoshimi growled, "How dare you come into this room, Ukiya! How dare you cheat on Ruriko-san over me! You have the nerve to do that to me and her!" her body shook as Ruriko wailed before running out of the room.
Ukiya winced before punching Atemu's stomach, "You don't understand! I LOVE you, Yoshimi! With all my heart-"
Atemu winced; rubbing his other hand to his red fist, "Get out of this place! I don't wanna see your two-timing face in this hospital!"

Ukiya looked up and growled before standing up and spit at where Atemu stood. As Ukiya groggily walked out, he glanced over to Yoshimi before whipping his head around and staggered off the corridor. Yoshimi watched him walk from the door before falling to her knees as her tears said it all. Atemu's eyes widened as he staggered to the side before feeling himself fall to the cold ground.

Yoshimi heard a loud thump as she turned her head to find Atemu lying on the ground. She sobbed before shifting her body so that Atemu's back leaned against the wooden panel of the bed. Yoshimi moved back but noticed he fell towards her as his head nestled on Yoshimi's shaking shoulder. She sobbed before wrapping her arms around him,

"Wake up... Onii-chan..." her voice gentle but coarse as she shook him gently. Not only did it woke Atemu but also her brother as their eyes fluttered open, "Daijoubu...?"
Atemu turned his head to peer up to face Yoshimi's tear-streaked face, "Yeah... I think..." he paused before holding on to one of Yoshimi's arms, "You...?"
Yoshimi sniffled and nodded, "I'll be fine-"
"No... Are you alright?" Atemu's eyes filled with concern.
Yoshimi gave him an assuring smile, "I'll be fine... Really..."
Atemu couldn't help but feel that what she said was a lie, "Look..." he pushed himself away from Yoshimi as he leaned back to the wooden panel, "I know you're lying, Yoshimi... Shun has done nothing but destroy your happy self!" he held his shaking hand up and caressed Yoshimi's damp cheek as he wiped her tears softly.
Yoshimi's eyes slowly closed and then open as she spoke softly, "Gomen-"
"It's alright...!" Atemu shifted his finger to her soft lips, "You don't have to apologise...!"

Yoshimi's eyes filled itself with tears again as she gave him a gentle hug as Atemu hugged her back. Kouji was listening to their conversation; he always knew that Atemu would fall in love with his sister but he didn't expect him to keep it to himself and not telling Yoshimi what he feels.

= Next Day .::. Atemu's House =

Atemu continued to gaze outside; the clouds floating above him and breezes gently swept him mind off the world. After the scene at the hospital, he wished hard that Yoshimi would recover than acting as if she's fine.

Atemu whipped his head around and smiled, "How did you get here?"
"The door was open... so i let myself in..." Yoshimi spoke sheepishly, "What're you doing? Thinking about the mysterious girl that you refuse to tell me her name?!" she grinned.
Atemu blushed before turning his head to the sky, "No... i was thinking about someone else..." he smiled gently as he looked down.
Yoshimi sighed, "Who is it now...?"
He looked up, "You..." he then turned around as his violet eyes blazed.
Yoshimi stumbled back at his words, "W-What?"
Atemu sighed as he took a few steps up to her as he cupped her face with his hands, "Yoshimi... I have always loved you since our First year together. I've always treated you like my own younger sister but through there... You were like my own partner..." he leaned in and kissed lightly on her forehead before brushing his nose to hers affectionately, "If you reject my compassion... i understand. You were hurt so badly yesterday that i realised how much i loved you and that i won't lose you to anybody else! I don't care if you hate me-"

All he felt was passion to his lips as her lips pressed harder to his. He didn't catch a second to calm his pounding heart when Yoshimi suddenly pressed her lips to his. Her hands cupped to his face as his were wrapped gently around her. Soon, they pulled apart breathlessly.

"My brother has recovered..." Yoshimi slowly looked up to Atemu, "All i needed was someone true... Arigatou..."

Atemu smiled before leaning in again as they sealed their love into that kiss.


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*glomps all her viewers* Konbanwa minna-san!!! ^.^ Exams are finally over and off my drooping shoulders. Got into a small and childish fight with Ruki-chan!! T____T gomen nasaiiii!!!!!!


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Friday, May 07, 2004

*bows* Ohayou minna-san!!! Today was my CCA's 45th anniversary and i was of course involved... READING THE MESSAGE TO THE WHOLE SCHOOL!! >_< i was shaking with fear!!! lucky my reading wasn't shaking as well!! Thank GOD!!! And yes... Today is my birthday! ^_^ Tonight i'll be going on a dinner spree with my family and i just got two pressies from my close friends!

Ruki-chan got me a CD of something that'll earn her a stranggle and a long torture from me!!! *grabs axe, rope, daggers, knives* and... >=D OZUMA will be tortured because of her!!!!! AHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!!!

Kleo: -____- she might kill you for that if you ever lay a finger on him...

o.O so? she tried to torture Yami-kun... T_T talk about Yami-kun...

*cries* THE FICCY RUKI-CHAN TYPED MADE ME ACHE!!!!! I SLAPPED HIM IN THE FICCY!!! WAAHHHHH!! Mou... i would never in my life slap Yami!!! T____T

Kleo: o.O honto desuka?

-.- of course i wouldn't baka!!!!

Anyways, *bows* Arigatou Ruki-chan for getting me something!!! I appreciate it sooo much!!! Not because there's Max's face on the cover and Max is all over the episode... T_____T

Signing off,